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Devi Bhagavatam (Devi Puranam)

Book a Devi Pooja

The Srimad Devi Bhagavatam, also known as Devi Purana, was composed into 12 chapters, containing 18000 verses by the great Veda Vyasa. Though classified as an upa-purana it is the only purana Vedavyasa called “Maha Purana” meaning the great purana. At the end of each chapter of the 18 main puranas or the upa puranas is the verse “This is the end of the fifth section of the Vishnu Purana”, or “Thus ends the first chapter of Ganesha Purana Upasanakhanda called “The Description of Somakanta”. Where as in the Devi Bhagavatam it is clearly – “Thus ends the eighth chapter of the first Skandha in the Mahapurâna Srimad Devî Bhâgavatam of 18,000 verses by Maharsi Vedavyâsa”. The choice of words by the great rishis is obvious as Divine Mother is described in all major sastras as the one beyond and above the trinities and all Gods.


The S’rîmad Dev Bhâgawatam (Devi Purana)
Translated by Swami Vijñanananda [1921-22]


Scanned, and proofed by Sahaji, 2004-5. Additional formatting at sacred-texts.com. This text is in the public domain. These files may be used for any non-commercial purpose, provided this notice of attribution is left intact.


What is S’rîmad Bhâgavat is to the Vaisnavas, the Devî Bhâgavatam is to the S’âktas. The question of the priority of the two Bhâgavatas has been often discussed more in the spirit of partisans rather than that of sober scholars. We reserve our opinion on the subject till the publication of the complete translation of this work.

This translation has been inscribed to the sacred memory of my friend the late Râi Bâhâdur S’rîs’ Chandra Vidyârnava who induced me to undertake the translation of this work. He had thoroughly read the two Bhâgavatas and it was his opinion that the priority of composition belonged to the Devî Bhâgavatam. The other Bhâgavat, according to him, is a modern compilation attributed to Bopadeva – the author of Mugdhabodha Vyâkaranam.



Chapter I – On the questions by S’aunaka and other Risis.

” II – On the question by S’aunaka and other Risis.

” III – On praising the Purânas and on each Vyâsa of every Dvâpara Yuga

” IV – On the excellency of the Devî

” V – On the narrative of Hayagrîva

Chapter VI– On the preparation for war by Madhu Kaitabha

” VII – On the praise of the Devî

” VIII – On deciding who is to be worshipped

” IX – On the killing of Madhu Kaitabha

” X – On S’iva’s granting boons

Chapter XI – On the birth of Budha

” XII – On the birth of Pururavâ

” XIII – On Urvas’î and Pururavâ

” XIV – On the birth of S’uka Deva and on the duties of householders

” XV – On the dispassion of S’uka and the instructions of Bhagavatî to Hari

Chapter XVI – On S’uka’s desiring to go to Mithilâ to see Janaka

” XVII – On S’uka’s self-control

” XVIII – On Janaka’s instructions to S’uka Deva

” XIX – On S’uka’s marriage

” XX – On Vyâsa doing his duties

Chapter I – On the birth of Matsyagandhâ

” II – On the birth of Vyâsa Deva

” III – On the curse on the river Gangâ

” IV – On the birth of the Vasus

” V – On the marriage of Satyavatî

Chapter VI – On the birth of the Pândavas

” VII – On shewing the departed ones

” VIII – On the extinction of the family of Yadu and on the anecdote of Parîksit

” IX – On the account of Kuru

” X – On the death of Parîksit

Chapter XI – On the Sarpa Yajña

” XII – On the birth of Âstika

Chapter I – On the questions put by Janamejaya

” II – On Rudrâs going towards the heavens on the celestial car

” III – On seeing the Devî

” IV – On the hymns to the Devî

” V – On chanting hymns by Hara and Brahmâ

Chapter VI – On the powers of the Devî

” VII – On creation

” VIII – On Gunas

” IX – On the characteristics of the Gunas

” X – On the anecdote of S’atyavrata

Chapter XI – On the Devî in the anecdote of S’atyavrata

” XII – On the Ambâ Yajña

” XIII – On the Devî Yajña

” XIV – On the glories of the Devî

” XV – On the fight between Yudhâjit and Vîrasena

Chapter XVI– On Yudhâjit’s going to the hermitage of Bharadvâja

” XVII – On the story of Vîsvâmitra

” XVIII – On Svayambara of the daughter of the king of Benares

” XIX – On the marriage

” XX – On the Svayambara Hall

Chapter XXI – On the king of Benares fulfilling the advice of his daughter

” XXII – On S’udarsana’s marriage

” XXIII – On killing the enemy of S’udars’an

” XXIV — On the installation of Durgâ Devî in Benares

” XXV – On the installation of the Devî in Ayodhâ and Benares

Chapter XXVI– On the Navarâtri

” XXVII – On worshipping the virgins

” XXVIII – On incidents connected with Navarâtri

” XXIX – On the stealing of Sîtâ

” XXX – On Râma’s performing the Navarâtra ceremony

Chapter I – On the questions put by Janamejaya regarding Krisna’s incarnation

” II – On the supremacy of the effects of Karma

” III – On the previous curse of Vasudeva

” IV – On Adharma

” V – On the dialogues of Nara Nârâyana

Chapter VI– On the origin of Urvas’î

” VII – On Ahamkâra

” VIII – On going to the Tîrthas

” IX – On the fight between the Risis and Prahlâda

” X – On the curse on Visnu by Bhrigu

Chapter XI– On S’ukra’s going to Mahâdeva to get the Mantra

” XII – On Bhrigu’s curse and the dialogue between S’ukrâchârya and the Daityas

” XIII – On cheating the Daityas

” XIV – On the Daitya’s getting back their Sukrâchârya

” XV – On the truce between the Daityas and the Devâs

Chapter XVI – On the birth of the several Avatâras of Visnu

” XVII – On the the questions asked by Janamejaya

” XVIII – On the Devî Earth’s going to the Heavens

” XIX – On chanting the hymns to the Devî

” XX – On Devakî’s marriage

Chapter XXI – On the killing of the sons of Devakî

” XXII – On the part incarnations of the several Devas

” XXIII – On the birth of S’rî Krisna

” XXIV — On the stealing away of Pradyumna

” XXV – On the Devî’s Highest Supremacy

Chapter I – On the superiority of Rudra over Visnu

” II – On the birth of the Dânava Mahisa

” III – On the Daitya armies getting ready

” IV – On the war counsels given by Indra

” V – On the defeat of the Dânava forces of Mahisa

Chapter VI – On the Deva Dânava fight

” VII – On the going of the Devas to Kailâsa

” VIII – On the description of the origin and the Form of the Devî

” IX – On the worship by the gods to the Devî

” X – On the messenger’s news to Mahisa

Chapter XI – On Tâmrâ’s fighting with the Devî

” XII – On the cabinet held by Mahisa

” XIII – On the killing of Vâskala and Durmukha

” XIV – On the killing of Tâmra and Chiksura

” XV – On the slaying of Vidâlâksa and Asilomâ

Chapter XVI– On the conversation between the Devî and Mahisa

” XVII – On Mandodarî’s accounts

” XVIII – On the killing of Mahisa

” XIX – On the hymns to the Devî

” XX – On the peace of the world

Chapter XXI – On the conquest of the Heavens by S’umba and Nis’umbha

” XXII – On praising the Devî

” XXIII – On the prowess of Kaus’ikî

” XXIV — On Dhûmralochana

” XXV – On Dhûmralochana killed

Chapter XXVI – On Chanda Munda killed

” XXVII – On the fight of Raktabîja

” XXVIII – On the Devî’s fighting

” XXIX – On the killing of Raktabîja

” XXX – On the killing of Nis’umbha

Chapter XXXI– On the death of S’umbha

” XXXII – On the king Suratha’s going to the forest

” XXXIII – On the greatness of the Devî

” XXXIV – On the worship of the Devî

” XXXV – On the King Suratha’s getting the boons and on the Vais’ya’s Samâdhi


Chapter I – On Tris’ira’s austerities

” II – On the birth Vritrâsura

” III – On the Deva defeat and on Vritra’s tapasyâ

” IV – On the defeat of the Devas by Vritra

” V – On praising the Devî

Chapter VI– On Vritrâsura slain

” VII – On Indra’s disguise in the Mânas Lake

” VIII – On S’achî’s praising the Devî

” IX – On Indra’s getting the fruits of Brahmahatyâ and on the downfall of king Nahusa

” X – On the phase of Karma

Chapter XI – On the Dharma

” XII – On the war between Âdi and Baka

” XIII – On the above fight

” XIV – On the birth of Vas’istha from Mitrâ Varuna

” XV – On Nimi’s getting another body and on the Haihayas

Chapter XVI – On the Haihaya and the Bhârgavas

” XVII – On the continuance of Bhrigu’s family

” XVIII – On the origin of the Haihayas

” XIX – On the Haihayas born of a mare

” XX – On the son born of a mare by Hari

Chapter XXI– On the installation of Ekavîra

” XXII – On stealing away Ekâvali

” XXIII – On the war between Haihaya and Kâlaketu

” XXIV — On Viksepa S’akti

” XXV – On the cause of Moha of Vyâsa

Chapter XXVI – On Nârada’s Moha

” XXVII – On Nârada’s marriage

” XXVIII – On Nârada, a woman

” XXIX – On Nârada again a man

” XXX – On the glory of Mahâ Mâyâ

” XXXI – On Mahâ Mâyâ

Chapter I – On the Solar and Lunar Kings

” II – On the piercing of the eyes of Chyavana Muni

” III – The King S’aryâvati’s giving his daughter in marriage to Chyavana Muni

” IV – On Sukanyâ and the As’vins

” V – On Chyavana’s getting his youth

Chapter VI – On the As’vins getting the right to drink Soma

” VII – On the As’vins drinking the Soma cup

” VIII – On the King Revata and the Solar Dynasty

” IX – On the story of Kâkutstha and on Mândhâtâ

” X – On Satyavrata

Chapter XI – On Tris’anku

” XII – On Vas’istha’s curse on Tris’anku

” XIII – Vis’vâmitra helping Tris’anku

” XIV – On Tris’anku going to the Heavens

” XV – On the King Haris’chandra

Chapter XVI – On S’unahs’epha

” XVII – On S’unahs’epha freed and Haris’chandra cured

” XVIII – On the quarrel between Haris’chandra and Vis’vâmitra

” XIX – On Haris’chandra’s kingdom taken

” XX – On Haris’chandra paying his Daksinâ

Chapter XXI – On the sorrows of Haris’chandra

” XXII – On selling Haris’chandra’s wife

” XXIII – On Haris’chandra as a slave of theChândâla

” XXIV — On Haris’chandra in the burning Ghât of Kâs’î

” XXV – On the quarrels between Haris’chandra and Vis’vâmitra

Chapter XXVI– On the sorrows of Haris’chandra

” XXVII – On Haris’chandra’s going to the Heavens

” XXVIII – On the glory of S’atâksî Devî

” XXIX – On the Devî’s birth in the Daksa’s house

” XXX – On the birth of Gauri and S’iva’s distraction

Chapter XXXI – On the birth of Pârvatî

” XXXII – On Self Realisation spoken by the Devî

” XXXIII – On the Devî’s Virât Rûpa

” XXXIV – On the Final Emancipation

” XXXV – On the Yoga and Mantra Siddhi

Chapter XXXVI– On the knowledge of Brahman

” XXXVII – On Bhakti

” XXXVIII – On the vows and the sacred places of the Devî

” XXXIX – On the worship of the Devî

” XL – On the outer worship of the Devî

Chapter I – On the description of the worlds

” II – On the Earth raised by the Boar

” III – On Manu’s family

” IV – On the family of Priyavrata

” V – On the mountains and on the origin of rivers

Chapter VI – On the rivers and the mountains Sumeru and others

” VII – On the Ganges and the Varsas

” VIII – On Ilâvrîta

” IX – On the divisions of the continent

” X – On Bhuvanakosa

Chapter XI– On the continents and Bhâratavarsa

” XII – On the narration of Plaksa, S’âlmala, and Kus’a Dvîpas

” XIII – On the description of the remaining Dvîpas

” XIV – On the Lokâloka

” XV – On the motion of the Sun

Chapter XVI – On the motion of the Planets

” XVII – On the Dhruvva Mandalam

” XVIII – On the Râhu

” XIX – On the nether regions

” XX – On the narrative of Talâtala

Chapter XXI– On the narrative of hells

” XXII – On the sins

” XXIII – On the remaining hells

” XXIV — On the Devî Pûjâ

Chapter I – On the description of Prakriti

” II – On the origin of Prakriti and Purusa

” III – On the origin of Brahmâ, Visnu, Mahes’a and others

” IV – On the hymn, worship and Kavacha of Sarasvatî

” V – On Sarasvatî Stotra

Chapter VI– On the coming in this world of Laksmî, Ganga and Sarasvatî

” VII – On the curses on Gangâ, Sarasvatî and Laksmî

” VIII – On the greatness of Kali

” IX – On the origin of the S’akti of the Earth

” X – On the offences caused to the Earth and punishments thereof

Chapter XI– On the origin of the Ganges

” XII – On the origin of Gangâ

” XIII – On the anecdote of Gangâ

” XIV – On Gangâ, as the wife of Nârâyana

” XV – On the question of the anecdote of Tulasî

Chapter XVI – On the incarnation of Mahâ Laksmî in the house of Kus’adhvaja

” XVII – On the anecdote of Tulasî

” XVIII – On the union of S’ankhachûda with Tulasî

” XIX – On the going of the Devas to Vaikuntha after Tulasî’s marriage

” XX – On the war preparations of S’ankhachûda

Chapter XXI – On the war between the Mahâ Deva and S’ankhachûda

” XXII – On the fight between the Devas and S’ankhachûda

” XXIII – On the killing of S’ankhachûda

” XXIV — On the glory of Tulasî

” XXV – On the worship of Tulasî

Chapter XXVI – On Sâvitrî

” XXVII – On the birth, etc., of Sâvitrî

” XXVIII – On Sâvitrî

” XXIX – On Sâvitrî, on gifts, and on Karmas

” XXX – On the conversation between Sâvitrî and Yama

Chapter XXXI– On Yama’s giving the Sakti Mantra to Sâvitrî

” XXXII – On the enumeration of various hells for sinners

” XXXIII – On the destinies of the sinners

” XXXIV – On the description of the various hells

” XXXV – On the description of the various hells for the various sinners

Chapter XXXVI – On having no fear of Yama of those who are the Panchopâsakas

” XXXVII – On the eighty-six Kundas

” XXXVIII – On the glories of the Devî

” XXXIX – On Mahâ Laksmî

” XL – On the birth of Laksmî

Chapter XLI – On the churning of the ocean

” XLII – On the stotram of Mahâ Laksmî

” XLIII – On Svâhâ

” XLIV – On Svadhâ

” XLV – On Daksinâ

Chapter XLVI – On Sasthî Devî

” XLVII – On Manasâ’s story

” XLVIII – On the anecdote of Manasâ

” XLIX – On Surabhi

” L – On the glory of S’akti

Notes on S’akti and the S’âktas

Chapter I – On Svâyambhuva Manu

” II – On the conversation between Nârada and the Bindhya Mountain

” III – On Bindhya’s obstructing the Sun’s course in the Heavens

” IV – On the Devas’ going to Mahâ Deva

” V – On the Devas’ going to Visnu

Chapter VI– On the Devas’ praying to the Muni Agastya

” VII – On the checking of the rise of Bindhya

” VIII – On the origin of Manu

” IX – On the anecdote of Châksusa Manu

” X – On the history of the king Suratha

Chapter XI– On Madhu Kaitabha killed

” XII – On Sâvarni Manu

” XIII – On Bhrâmarî Devî

Chapter I– On the Morning Duties

” II – On cleaning the body

” III – On the glories of the Rudrâksa beads

” IV – On the greatness of the Rudrâksam

” V – On the Rudrâsam rosaries

Chapter VI – On the greatness of Rudrâksam

” VII – On the different numbers of facets of Rudrâksam

” VIII – On Bhuta Suddhi

” IX – On the rules of Sirovrata

” X – On Gauna Bhasma

Chapter XI – On the three kinds of Bhasmas

” XII – On holding the Tripundrams

” XIII – On the greatness of Bhasma

” XIV – On holding the Bibhuti

” XV – On using the Tripundra and Urdhapundra

Chapter XVI – On the Sandhyâ Upâsanâ

” XVII – On the Sandhyâ and other daily practices

” XVIII – On the greatness of the Devî Pûjâ

” XIX – On the mid-day Sandhyâ

” XX – On the Brahma Yajña, Sandhyâs, etc.

Chapter XXI – On the Gâyatrî Puras’charnam

” XXII – On the Vais’adeva

” XXIII – On the Tapta Krichchhra Vrata

” XXIV — On Sadâchâra

Chapter I– On the description of the Gâyatrî

” II – On the description of the S’aktis of the Gâyatrî

” III – On the Gâyatri Kavacham

” IV – On the Gâyatrî Hridayam

” V – On the Gâyatri Stotram

” VI – On the one thousand and eight names of Gâyatrî

” VII – On the Dîksâ vidhi (initiation)

Chapter VIII – On the appearance of the Highest S’akti

” IX – On the cause of faith in the other Devas than the Devî Gâyatrî

” X – On the description of the Mani Dvîpa

” XI – On the enclosure walls of the Mani Dvîpa

” XII – On the description of the Mani Dvîpa

” XIII – On Janamejaya’s Devî Yajña

” XIV – On the fruits of hearing, etc., this Purânam

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