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About Pandit S.P. Tata

There are some people in this world, who simply follow their hearts passion and set about doing the near impossible, without any expertise or training. They are the ones who contribute something substantial and leave their mark on the society. Pandit S.P.Tata, who decided to put all the Vedic scriptures and recitals in one place for anyone seeking them to access freely, is one of them and is already a legend.



Acclaimed as one of the most authentic sources for Vedic astrology, ancient Hindu scriptures and Vedic recitals, this 7000 page website is a source of solace for 10000+ visitors daily - and the numbers are growing every day! You can learn astrology or the ancient Indian scriptures free online. The products and the personal forecasts given are as genuine as you can hope to get anywhere.


Our Charity causes and other free services

Free Vedic Scriptures Library

Vedic scriptures are the greatest heritage of india. We have put more than 200 on this site and adding more.Read & savor what our great saints have given for the benifit of mankind


Stotras - Text and MP3

stotras are beautifully composed Vedic hymns which are excellent for the ordinary man to pray God for remedy and benefits.We have more than 150 on site- English+ Sanskrit + MP3


Astrology Scriptures & Lessons

Learn Vedic Astrology FREE by reading the 18 major Scriputes of Astrology and the free lessons on this website.Also included are several free softwares you can download


Aarohan NGO for the slum Children

Two dedicated ladiesof Delhi changed lieves of 600 slum children. In April 2009, 56 of Aarohan children topped the 1,2, & 3 position in thier classes- children of house maids and labourers. You too can help them


Gurukul Vedashala

Even in today world there are dedicated Gurus who teach VEdas and rituls freely to students, and keep our great ancient Vedic tradition alive.


Vedic Scriptures for the Blind

Till 2006 there were no Hindu Scripture for the blind. This two man project, by Pt. ram Kumar Sharma and Pt. S.P Tata, prints Vedic stotras and scripures for the blind and distribute them freely


Personalized astrology forecasts for you by expert South Indian Pandits
Fate is like a game of cards. You cannot help the cards that have been dealt to you, but how to play them is in your hands. Know your future and plan it well.

Live talk forecasts!
It is live talk forecasts by Pandit S.P.Tata by phone or Voice chat!! You ask and he replies. No questions limit !!

How is 2012 for You
What the coming new year has in store for you vis-à-vis career, finance, love, health & travel.

Ask 3/5Questiods
If you want to ask a specific question & want a pointed answer, this is the one for you.

Love and Romance
What do the stars have in store for you in this area? Will you be happy or is it disappointments?

Children Prospects
A house without children is like a garden without flowers. Know your luck & the right periods.

Business Prospects
Your business prospects, suitable lines, good & bad periods for investment, gains & expansion.

Finance Prospects
What are your overall prospects, the good & bad periods for financial gains & speculation.

Career Prospects
What type of careers suit you & what are the good & bad times for promotion, change & going abroad.

Going Abroad
Find out how good is your chart with respect to foreign travel & gains abroad & the right times.

New born baby
Get the baby's chart, suitable letters for naming & remedies and poojas if any are required.

Marriage prospects
What kind of marriage do you have? When? Love or arranged, looks & nature of spouse.

Marriage Matching
The stars are excellent matching indicators. Better to match before marriage than regret later!

Match + both lives
Marriage matching of the horoscopes & a detailed analysis of how they fare together in life.

Improve & save   marriage
When differences crop up & the rift starts better to bridge the gap before its too late. 

Your child's future
Know your child's potential & prospects of studies, career, money, marriage, health etc.

Your Basic Life
A basic sketch of your life covering career, finance, love & marriage, children & health. 

Your whole family
Full basic life predictions for one member and one area of life for the other members.

Next 1/5 years  forecast
How are the coming  years for you vis-à-vis career, finance, love, health & travel.

Premium Family offer
Unlimited number of questions for 1year for 5 members. No other site offers this.

Education prospects
Check what the stars say about your suitable lines of education, higher studies & the right times.

All Your Rajayogas
Rajayogas in a chart are the ones that give power, position & money. Do you have any?

Doshas & Remedies
The doshas are the ones that spoil your luck. Know what doshas you have & their Remedies.

Property Prospects
Know how your chart is vis-à-vis property, the good and the bad periods to buy, sell and invest.

Health Prospects
Wealth & power cannot give you happiness if your health is bad. Have an Astro-health check up!

Vastu Guidance
Ask 1, 3 questions or get full Vastu guidance for your house or office/factory

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