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Welcome to the free reference library of Vedic astrology. This section is strictly for the authentic ancient Vedic astrology classics.

This page gives the links to the magnum opus, The Brihat Parashara Hora Sashtra of Rishi Parashara, which is the basic foundation and structure of Vedic astrology and most of the other Sashtras are based on this. Hence, I am providing you with the entire Brihat Parashara Hora Sashtras, with the authors notes and any additional comments I felt necessary.

As per the other classics of astrology, well nothing is unimportant! However some are more important than the others. Bhrigu sutras of Rishi Bhrigu, Jaimini Sutras by Rishi Jaimini, the redoubtable Brihat Jataka of the great Varaha Mihira, Saravali of Kalyanavarma, Hora Sara of Pitruvyasa (son of Varahamihira), and Sanketanidhi of Ramadayalu are a must. Prashna Tantra by Neelakanta and Daivagya Vallabha of Varaha Mihira are a must to cover the Prasna or horary astrology. All these classics are in this section – full and unabridged.

Some of the classics differ in their views. This is not because the Rishis who wrote them are fools or less knowledgeable. It is simply because these were written in different times and the changed socio-economic-religious circumstances were different, and hence the different interpretations. In some cases we astrologers also have to interpret the principles a bit differently. For example in some combinations it is said, “The unfortunate man will leave his home land and go abroad”. In those days it was considered unfortunate. Today going abroad is a big thing for many Indians! So the same “unfortunate yoga” of yesteryears is a “fortunate yoga” today!!

So far I have put 18 major astrology classics on site and more will be added soon.


This is a web based free library of Vedic astrology, just like any other public library. The material I have put here is from the translations of reputed authors and the copyrights belong to the authors. I am putting the material here so that those seeking to know and learn genuine Vedic astrology, can find and read it all in one place. Copying, publishing or misusing it for any commercial purpose is strictly prohibited. Doing so without seeking the authors permission will be considered a violation of their copyright and may bring penal action against you. If you misuse what is provided here freely in good faith this site will not be responsible in any way

Given below to the left are the links to the Brihat Parashara Hora Sashtra, pages and the Chapters Index in the pages.

The “Other Sashtras” link to the right will take you to the page giving details of the 16 other astrology classics like Brihat Jataka etc. 17 Other Sashtras List

Brihat Parashara Hora Sashtra Chapters Index

Introduction to Brihat Parashara Hora Sashtra

Page 1

Chapter 1 The creation

Chapter 2 Great incarnations

Chapter 3 Graha characters and description

Chapter 4 Zodiacal Rasis, their nature etc.

Chapter 5 Special Lagnas

Chapter 6 The 16 divisions of a rasi – Vargas

Chapter 7 The Divisional considerations

Chapter 8 Dristhis of the Rasis

Chapter 9 Evils at birth

Chapter 10 Antidotes to evils

Page 2

Chapter 11 Judgment of bhavas

Chapter 12 Effects of tanu bhava or 1st house

Chapter 13 Effects of dhana bhava or 2nd house

Chapter 14 Effects of sahaj bhava or 3rd house

Chapter 15 Effects of bandhu bhava or 4th house

Chapter 16 Effects of putra bhava od 5th house

Chapter 17 Effects of ari bhava or 6th house

Chapter 18 Effects of yuvati bhava or 7th house

Chapter 19 Effects of randhra bhava or 8th house

Chapter 20 Effects of dharma bhava or 9th house

Page 3

Chapter 21 Effects of karma bhava or 10th house

Chapter 22 Effects of the labha bhava or 11th house

Chapter 23 Effects of the vyaya bhava or 12th house

Chapter 24 Effects of the bhava lords

Chapter 25 Effects of the non-luminous planets

Chapter 26 Effects of the evaluation of drishtis of grahas

Chapter 27 Effects of the evaluation of strengths

Chapter 28 Effects of the isht and kasht balas

Chapter 29 Effects of the bhava padas

Chapter 30 Effects of the upa Padas

Page 4

Chapter 31 Effects of the argala or intervention from graha

Chapter 32 Effects of the karakatwas of the grahas

Chapter 33 Effects of the effects of karakans

Chapter 34 Effects of the yoga karakas

Chapter 35 Effects of the nabhash yogas

Chapter 36 Effects of the many other yogas

Chapter 37 Effects of the candr’s yogas

Chapter 38 Effects of the surya’s yogas

Chapter 39 Effects of the raj yog

Chapter 40 Effects of the yogas for royal association

Page 5

Chapter 41 Effects of the combinations for wealth

Chapter 42 Effects of the combination for penury

Chapter 43 Effects of the longevity

Chapter 44 Effects of the marak grahas

Chapter 45 Effects of the avasthas of grahas

Page 6

Chapter 46 Effects of the dashas of grahas

Chapter 47 Effects of the effects of dashas

Chapter 48 Effects of the distinctive effects of the nakshatra dasha or of the

dashas of the lords (vimshottari) of various bhavas

Chapter 49 Effects of the kaal chakra

Chapter 50 Effects of the char etc. dashas

Page 7

Chapter 51 Effects of the working out of antar dashas of grahas and rasis in vimshottari etc. dasha systems

Chapter 52 Effects of the antar dashas in the dasha of Surya (Vimshottari)

Chapter 53 Effects of the antar dashas in the dasha of Chandrahan

Chapter 54 Effects of the antar dashas in the dasha of Mangal

Chapter 55 Effects of the antar dashas in the dasha of Rahu

Chapter 56 Effects of the antar dashas in the dasha of Guru

Chapter 57 Effects of the antar dashas in the dasha of Shani

Chapter 58 Effects of the antar dashas in the dasha of Budha

Chapter 59 Effects of the antar dashas in the dasha of Ketu

Chapter 60 Effects of the antar dashas in the dasha of Shukra

Page 8

Chapter 61 Effects of the pratyantar dashas in antar dashas

Chapter 62 Effects of the sukshmantal dashas in pratyantar dashas

Chapter 63 Effects of the prana dashas in sukshama dashas

Chapter 64 Effects of the antar dashas in the kala chakra

Chapter 65 Effects of the dashas of rasis in the amsas of the various rasis

Chapter 66 Ashtakavarga

Chapter 67 Trikon shodhana in the ashtakavarga

Chapter 68 Ekadhipatya shodhana in the ashtakavarga

Chapter 69 Pindasa sadana in the ashtakavarga

Chapter 70 Effects of the ashtakavarga

Page 9

Chapter 71 Determination of longevity through the ashtakavarg

Chapter 72 Aggregational ashtakavargas

Chapter 73 Effects of the rays of the grahas

Chapter 74 Effects of the sudarshana chakra

Chapter 75 Characteristic features of panchmahapurushas

Chapter 76 Effects of the elements

chapter 77 Effects of the gunas

Chapter 78 Lost horoscopy

Chapter 79 Ascetism yogas

Chapter 80 Female Horoscopy

Chapter 81 Effects of characteristic features of parts of woman’s body

Chapter 82 Effects of moles, marks, signs etc. for men and women

Page 10

Chapter 83 Effects of curses in the previous birth

Chapter 84 Remedial measures from the malevolence of grahas

Chapter 85 Inauspicious births

Chapter 86 Remedies for amavasya birth

Chapter 87 Remedies from birth on Krishna Chaturdashi

Chapter 88 Remedies from birth in bhadra and inauspicious yogas

Chapter 89 Remedies from nakshatr birth

Chapter 90 Remedies from sankranti birth

Chapter 91 Remedies fro birth in eclipses

Chapter 92 Remedies from gandanta birth

Chapter 93 Remedies for abhukta mula birth

Chapter 94 Remedies from jyeshtha gandanta birth

Chapter 95 Remedies from birth of a daughter after three sons

Chapter 96 Remedies from unusual delivery

Chapter 97 Conclusion

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