Get Your Horoscope Personaly Studied with remedies by Pt. S.P Tata

Personalized Forecasts

  • Marriage Prospects

    What kind of marriage do you have? When? Love or arranged, looks & nature of spouse.

  • Marriage Matching

    The stars are excellent matching indicators. Better to match before marriage than regret later!

  • Match Both Lives

    Marriage matching of the horoscopes & a detailed analysis of how they fare together in life.

  • Improve Marriage

    When differences crop up & the rift starts better to bridge the gap before its too late.

  • Love and Romance

    What do the stars have in store for you in this area? Will you be happy or is it disappointments?

  • Career Prospects

    What type of careers suit you & what are the good & bad times for promotion, change & going abroad.

  • Business Prospects

    Your business prospects, suitable lines, good & bad periods for investment, gains & expansion.

  • Your Wealth

    What are your overall prospects, the good & bad periods for financial gains & speculation.

  • Your Health

    Wealth & power cannot give you happiness if your health is bad. Have an Astro-health check up!

  • Your Basic Life

    A basic sketch of your life covering career, finance, love & marriage, children & health.

  • Live Forecasts

    It is live talk forecasts by Pandit S.P.Tata by phone or Voice chat!! You ask and he replies. No questions limit !!

  • Children Prospects

    A house without children is like a garden without flowers. Know your luck & the right periods.

  • Cesarean Muhurta

    Find the best dates for Cesarean-operation to give the best possible life to your child.

  • New Born

    Get the baby’s chart, suitable letters for naming & remedies and poojas if any are required.

  • Child’s Future

    Know your child’s potential & prospects of studies, career, money, marriage, health etc.


  • Next 1-5 Forecast

    How are the coming years for you vis-à-vis career, finance, love, health & travel.

  • Your Raj Yogas

    Rajayogas in a chart are the ones that give power, position & money. Do you have any?

  • Doshas & Remedies

    The doshas are the ones that spoil your luck. Know what doshas you have & their Remedies.

  • Ask Questions

    If you want to ask a specific question & want a pointed answer, this is the one for you.

  • Vastu Guidance

    Ask 1, 3 questions or get full Vastu guidance for your house or office/factory

  • Education Prospects

    Check what the stars say about your suitable lines of education, higher studies & the right times.

  • Property Astro

    Know how your chart is vis-à-vis property, the good and the bad periods to buy, sell and invest.

  • Going Abroad

    Find out how good is your chart with respect to foreign travel & gains abroad & the right times.

  • Shubh Muhurt

    Muhurta for any auspicious occasion like entering a new house or starting a new job etc.

  • Birth Time Rectification


  • Court Cases/a>


  • Who is your deity?


  • Investment Guide


  • Your Spiritual Life forecast


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