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Lal Kitab

Picture from ancient Lal Kitaab
India is the treasure trove of mysticism and occult. The famous Lal Kitaab, meaning the red book, is an ancient Indian treatise which expounds the predictive principles. It is written about 400 years ago, in old style Urdu without much punctuation and hence it is not easy to grasp its meaning. The “Farmaans” of the book give brief hints of destiny, in poetic verses with philosophic hidden nuances. The name of the author is not known.

There are several pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses in the book. On several pages the text is on the pictures. It is called Lal Kitaab not because its red in colour but, according to the author, ” Amongst the books it is the ‘red one’ or the important one.

Lal Kitaab is famous for its easy to follow remedies, prayers and chanting of mantras. Some of them may look outdated in the modern times, but that is the way the ancient prescriptions were. In the Parashar school, stress is on japa, tapa, mantra, and yantra, etc. The Lal Kitaab has simpler solutions which revolve around temples and its deities. The nine planets are ruled by the nine corresponding Gods : Sun is Vishnu, Moon is Shiva, Mars is Hanuman, Jupiter is Bhrahma , Venus is Lakshmi, Mercury is Durga, Rahu is Saraswati and Ketu is Ganesha.

The conventional Hindu school of astrology is based on The Parashari system and does not mention the other predictive methods like numerology and palmistry. This could be understood in light of the fact that astrology, palmistry and numerology have progressed in Indian sub-continent as independent, unrelated and hence competitive sciences.
In contrast, the Lal Kitaab is a treatise on astro-palmistry ; astrology and palmistry complement and supplement each other instead of competing and deleting each other. For example, in Lal Kitaab ,if the sun is in 2nd house of a native’s horoscope, he must possess a certain kind of sun-line in his palm. Since the hand is always available, the horoscope can be verified and even cast on the basis of the hand’s print.
Indian astrology is unique in its varga charts, shadbala system, dasa system, transit of planets etc.

The Lal Kitaab refers only to the birth chart, and its own unique number chart to cast the Lal Kitaab varshphal or yearly chart of the native. Lal Kitaab has no dasas or the transit etc. Predictions are made on the basis of the birth and the yearly chart cast .

Remedial measures in Lal Kitaab

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