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Auspicious Vedic Mantras for pregnant ladies

Woman is the embodiment of the Holy Mother and motherhood is the most rewarding experience for the ladies. Pregnancy and the feel of the child gives the woman a sense of great joy and emotional fulfillment.

In the ancient Indian scripture Mahabharata, Arjuna teaches the great warfare technique called Padmavyuha to his pregnant wife Subhadra and the child in the womb, Abhimanyu learns it. That is why pregnant ladies are advised to read the scriptures and keep their thoughts positive and pleasant so that the child in the womb gets positive impulses. The medical research also shows that the feelings and experiences of the pregnant ladies have and impact on the growth and development of the child in the womb.

It is said in the Vedas that to get the best benefits the Vedas must be either recited or listened. The great ancient sages of India have composed the verses in the divine language Sanskrit in such a way that reciting or even listening, to the Vedic mantras is a great boon to the heart and body mind and soul. The spiritual vibrations have a refreshing and rejuvenating impact on our physical mental faculties and enhance our spiritual faculties. That is the reason why, in traditional Indian families, the pregnant ladies are advised to read or recite scriptures and Stotras like Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavatam, Vishnu Sahasranama, Lalita Sahasranama, Sri Rudram etc. They give good health, serenity and peace to the mother and the energy of the mantras during this formation stage will help the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of the child in the womb and afterwards also.

There are also several specific mantras in the Vedas for the welfare of the pregnant ladies and the child in the womb. Reciting or listening to them daily is considered highly auspicious.

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The following is the Summary of the Verses:

< Vandana trayee – The traditional invocation to the Guru, Lord Ganesha and Saraswati.

< Prayers to Lord Agni – Bless me and my husband with long life, good understanding and integration of our body mind and soul and a lasting relationship in this birth and also in future births. Bless US with a good child. Let my children be happy and healthy and my house be full of auspicious things. May Goddess Subhalakshmi (righteous/auspicious wealth) come to me and may I be a good householder giving love, affection and devotion and with courtesy and hospitality for every one. Bless us with a long life.

< Prayer to Surya – Bless us with shining wisdom.

< Prayer to Lord Agni – Be present in my womb and give strength to my womb and my unborn child and may my child grow to be a good and courageous child. Bless my child and the child’s father. Bless us with good children, a home and a long healthy life.

< Prayer to Lord Indra – May the delivery be a safe one for the child and the mother.

< Prayer to Lord Vishnu – Let the child in my womb reside safely for the right length of time.

< Prayer to Soma – Give me the strength and the ability to hold the child in the womb.

< Prayer to Twashta – May the child created be a beautiful one.

< Prayer to Agni and Devas – Bless me and my children with good longevity and fulfill all my needs and desires and let me receive love from all in the world. Bless me with good energy to have healthy and well developed children.

< Prayer to the seasons – Vasanta, Grishma, Varsha, Sharath, Hemantha and Shishira seasons performed the Ekadasha Ratra Yagya and were blessed with good children. May the ones who listen to these mantras be blessed with good and healthy children.

< Prayer to Lord Indra, Lord Agni and Soma – May my womb be a safe place for my child.

< Prayer to Lord Indra – O, Lord Indra, fulfill all my desires and bless my child with vitality and bless my child so he uses the energy for good deeds.

< Prayer to Lord Dhata – Bless me and my child with Sakala Sowbhagyam – all types of good fortune.

< Prayer to Soma and Raka Devi –Destroy the bad Karmas and bless me with a healthy child who will tread the righteous path with auspicious thoughts and be fortunate.

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