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Birth time rectification

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INR 2,640.00



Product Description

Correct time of birth is a very important requirement in astrology. There are many people who do not know their time of birth accurately. Several people have nicely rounded birth time like 7 am or 6 pm etc. Sometimes even a few minutes can change the lagna and it can result in wrong forecasts.

The birth time can be rectified based on the important events in one’s life.

With 34 years of experience behind him, Pandit S.P.Tata  can help you by rectifying your birth time. You can order the birth time rectification and provide the dates of several important events in your life – like dates of 1st job, job changes, going abroad, marriage, child birth, any other important events in your family etc. After rectification your basic life forecast will be given.

Birth time rectification: INR. 2640/- (All prices include 18% GST)

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