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Welcome to free astro-lessons.

 Just about fifty years ago the average Indian knew about his correct birth date and time, his lagna, his rasi, his birth nakshatra, about the well placed and ill placed planets in his chart, about the dashas and transit effects and the remedial measures he must undertake. They knew the basics of astrology and how deep and vast it is. As a result they also knew how tough the job of an astrologer is and used to have some respect for this ancient science and for its practitioners.

With the advent of the western education, slowly our own Vedic education got eradicated. In computer language, first the files were deleted, then the folders were emptied and now we are on the verge of wiping out the data banks of what was once our basic knowledge! The result is that today majority of the Indians don’t know a thing about astrology, have a lot of misconceptions and blind beliefs, and when asked about their birth time they ring their mom and she consults the birth certificate!

In this section you can learn, step by step, the basics of Indian Vedic astrology. Once you go through these lessons, you will know the purpose with which our ancient Rishis gave us this great science; how accurate their knowledge was and how the system operates; to what extent it is applicable and effective; what all are the things based on which a chart is analysed to give predictions; the difference between the Indian and western astrology; about the planets, signs, houses and the nakshatras; how the houses and the nakshatras are further sub divided; how their many fold strengths and conditions (avasthas) are analysed in the Vedic astrology to fine-tune the predictions about the nature and events in an individuals life; about the effects of various planets placed in various signs and houses; about the existing shastras and their translations and the controversies.

You cannot become an astrologer and start giving predictions after going through these basic lessons. But you will have a good sound idea and grasp about the basics of our astrology.

Free library of astrology Sashtras: After learning the basics of Vedic astrology, if you are still interested and want to learn the predictive principles and the finer points of astrology, you are welcome to the Sashtras library.

Chapter by chapter you can read the principles of predictive astrology, given by the great Rishi Parashara, the father of Vedic astrology, in his famous magnum opus Brihat Parashara Hora Sashtra, plus several other major Sashtras – total 18 of the most famous ones! My intention is to build a full astrology reference library of all the major Sashtras, which will serve as an authentic reference source for those interested.

Om Tat Sat

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Na chora haaryam na cha raaja haaryam

Na bhraatru bhaajyam na cha bhaarakaari

Vyaye krite vardhata eva nityam

Vidyaa dhanam sarva dhana pradhaanam

It cannot be stolen by thieves

Nor can it be taken away by kings

It cannot be divided among brothers

It does not cause a load on your shoulders

If given to others it keeps on expanding forever

The wealth of knowledge is the most superior wealth of all!

You can help us!

Today this one man operated website has 250 Vedic scriptures online. Plus 17 major Sashtras of astrology, 200 MP3 Stotras and the 4 Vedas in MP3. All this and plenty more are given freely. A good part of the money earned by this site goes to support the three charitable causes - Scriptures for the blind , helping the slum children of Delhi and helping a Gurukul Vedasala. The space occupied by these audio files and their monthly usage bandwidth is in Gigabytes and costs me a pile. If you like the work I am doing, please feel free to make a donation. Your continued donations will keep this site running and help in expanding.

Thank you

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