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Kartikeya Homam on Kartikeya Jayanti 1st June 2015.



The Kartikeya Jayanti is on 18th May 2015. It is the birth day of the great Kartikeya (Also known as Subramanya Swami, Skanda and Muruga) – the son of Lord Shiva.  He is the Commander of the Gods and is worshiped for courage, confidence, health and knowledge and studies. He is also the ruling deity for Mars and his worship is a great remedy for any Mars related troubles like Kuja Dosha etc. It is a great day to worship him and any Pooja done on this day yields lasting benefits.

Our South Indian Vedic Pandits will be performing the Kartikeya Homam on this day.

You can book Archana to be performed in your name or in the name of your near and dear ones.

Archana will be done in your name with the specific sankalpa.

Archana cost per person  ……. Donate Rs.1116/-  

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You can also book a full Kartikeya Homam for yourself or your dear ones on this auspicious day.

Kartikeya Homam: The ritualstic  pooja with 1008 Namavali japa plus 1008 Subramanya Moola mantra recital and Homa performed with 1/10 of the japa number, i.e., 108 Moolamantra recital during homa. Ends with poornahuti and shanti mantras. It is done specifically in your name with your sankalpa, i.e., your wish.

Cost: Rs.5000/- Book Now

The following are the other Homas you can order to be performed on this great day.

Mangala (Kuja/Mars) Shanti Homam – One Planet : As above but 5 pundits recite the 1008 Namavali and Sookta of the planet (5×1008) and homam is performed for 1/10th number of recitals.

Cost: Rs. 9,000/- Book Now

Mangala (Kuja/Mars) Shanti Homam – 10,000 Recitals : Graha Shanti Homam of any one planet as above but with 10,000 recitals .

Cost: Rs. 11,000/- Book Now

Mangala (Kuja/Mars) Shanti Homam – 27,000 Recitals: Graha Shanti Homam of any one planet as above but with 27,000 recitals. :

Cost: Rs. 17,000/- Book  Now

Mangala (Kuja/Mars) Shanti Homam – 54,000 Recitals : Graha Shanti Homam of any one planet as above but with 54,000 recitals. :

Cost: Rs. 58,000/- Book Now

Mangala (Kuja/Mars) Shanti Homam – 100,000 Recitals : Graha Shanti Homam of any one planet as above but with 100,000 recitals. :

Cost: Rs. 100,000/-Book Now

Our payment gateway CCAVenue is the best in India and a secure 128 bit SSL Secure site. Hence your credit card information etc are safe.

You can mention your Sankalpa (Specific wish), your Gotra and Nakshatra in the order form or mail to sptata@gmail.com. Those who want to attend the yagya can also contact us for venue details. For any details contact Pandit S. P. Tata on: Mobile: (91)9542095470, 7842505152, 8978953237, 9493855281.

For any special requirements

contact: Pandit S.P.Tata. on e-mail: sptata@astrojyoti.com and mark the mail "pooja advise".

Or you can ring Ph:(91 8555) 286356, Mobile: 91-9542095470, 91-7842505152, 91-8978953237, 91-9493855281

You can help us!

Today this one man operated website has 250 Vedic scriptures online. Plus 17 major Sashtras of astrology, 200 MP3 Stotras and the 4 Vedas in MP3. All this and plenty more are given freely. A good part of the money earned by this site goes to support the three charitable causes - Scriptures for the blind , helping the slum children of Delhi and helping a Gurukul Vedasala. The space occupied by these audio files and their monthly usage bandwidth is in Gigabytes and costs me a pile. If you like the work I am doing, please feel free to make a donation. Your continued donations will keep this site running and help in expanding.

Thank you

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Phone: (91-8555)286356
Mobile1: 91-9542095470, 91-7842505152, 91-8978953237, 91-9493855281

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Pandit S.P.Tata's contact details as follows:

Phone: (91-8555)286356
Mobile: +91-9542095470, +91-7842505152, +91-8978953237, +91-9493855281
His timings are: Week days: 9 AM to 1PM and 4pm to 8 PM Weekends:9 AM to 1PM

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