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2014 Indian festivals and important days

We celebrate the festivals and enjoy the holidays but not many know the significance of the festival and fewer still know how to celebrate it and the rituals involved.

Know the legend & significance of the festivals and what to do on those days

Solar & Lunar eclipses in 2014

Marghazi Moolam     1-Jan-14
Vaikuntha Ekadashi     11-Jan-14
Bhogi/ Lohri     13-Jan-14
Makara Sankranti /Thai Pongal     14-Jan-14
Kanumu     15-Jan-14
Pushya Purnima     15-Jan-14
Thai Poosam     17-Jan-14
Thyagaraja Aradhana     21-Jan-14
Sattila Ekadashi     27-Jan-14
Mauna Amavasya     30-Jan-14
Pushya Amavasya     30-Jan-14
Vasantha Panchami     4-Feb-14
Ratha Saptami     6-Feb-14
Bhishma Asthami     7-Feb-14
Madhava Navami     8-Feb-14
Bhishma Ekadashi     10-Feb-14
Kumbha Sankramana     13-Feb-14
Magha Purnima     14-Feb-14
Bhairavi Jayanthi     14-Feb-14
Masi Magham     15-Feb-14
Vijaya Ekadashi     25-Feb-14
Maha Shivaratri     27-Feb-14
Magha Amavasya     1-Mar-14
Amalaki Ekadashi     12-Mar-14
Karadaiyan Nombu     14-Mar-14
Mina Sankramana     14-Mar-14
Holi     16-Mar-14
Phalguna Purnima     16-Mar-14
Papamochini Ekadashi     27-Mar-14
Phalguna Amavasya     30-Mar-14
Jaya Ugadi     31-Mar-14
Chaitra Navaratri     31-Mar-14
Hindu New Year     31-Mar-14
Gudi Padwa     31-Mar-14
Matsya Jayanthi     2-Apr-14
Gowri Tritiya     2-Apr-14
Ganguar Tritiya     2-Apr-14
Sri Panchami      4-Apr-14
Chaitra Durga Asthami     7-Apr-14
Sri Rama Navami     8-Apr-14
Kamada Ekadashi     11-Apr-14
Baisakhi     14-Apr-14
Mesha Sankramana     14-Apr-14
Chaitra Purnima     14-Apr-14
Tamil New Year     14-Apr-14
Vishu Kani     15-Apr-14
Hanuman Jayanthi     15-Apr-14
Total Lunar Eclipse     15-Apr-14
Varuthini Ekadashi     25-Apr-14
Chaitra Amavasya     29-Apr-14
Akshay Tritiya     2-May-14
Basava Jayanthi     2-May-14
Aadi Shankara Jayanthi     4-May-14
Ramanuja Jayanthi     4-May-14
Vasavi Jayanthi     9-May-14
Mohini Ekadashi     10-May-14
Narasimha Jayanthi     13-May-14
Vaishakha Purnima/Buddha Jayanti     14-May-14
Annamacharya Jayanthi     14-May-14
Vrishabha Sankramana     15-May-14
Apara Ekadashi     24-May-14
Vaishakha Amavasya     28-May-14
Nirjala Ekadashi     9-Jun-14
Vaikasi Visakam     11-Jun-14
Vatasavitri Vratam     12-Jun-14
Deba Snana Purnima     13-Jun-14
Jyestha Purnima     13-Jun-14
Mithuna Sankramana     15-Jun-14
Guru Transit in Karka     19-Jun-14
Yogini Ekadashi     23-Jun-14
Jyestha Amavasya     27-Jun-14
Jagannath Rathayatra     29-Jun-14
Harishayani Ekadashi     8-Jul-14
Chaturmasa Begins     8-Jul-14
Guru Purnima     12-Jul-14
Ashadha Purnima     12-Jul-14
Purnimant Shravana Starts     13-Jul-14
Karka Sankramana     16-Jul-14
Aadi Kartigai     21-Jul-14
Kamika Ekadashi     22-Jul-14
Chaitu Amavasya     26-Jul-14
Diwaso     26-Jul-14
Ashadha Amavasya     26-Jul-14
Amavasyant Shravana Starts     27-Jul-14
Aadi Pooram     30-Jul-14
Andal Jayanthi     30-Jul-14
Naga Panchami     1-Aug-14
Garuda Panchami     1-Aug-14
Pavitra Ekadashi     7-Aug-14
VaraLakshmi Vratam     8-Aug-14
Rik Upakarma     10-Aug-14
Yajur Upakarma     10-Aug-14
Purnimant Shravana Ends     10-Aug-14
Shravana Purnima     10-Aug-14
Gayatri Japam     11-Aug-14
Raghavendra Swami Aradhana     12-Aug-14
Kajali Tritiya     13-Aug-14
Bahula Chaturthi     14-Aug-14
Naag Panchami (Guj)     14-Aug-14
Randhan Chhath     15-Aug-14
Simha Sankramana     17-Aug-14
Janmasthami     17-Aug-14
Aja Ekadashi     21-Aug-14
Amavasyant Shravana Amavasya     25-Aug-14
Samaveda Upakarma     29-Aug-14
Haritalika Teej     28-Aug-14
Sri Ganesh Chaturthi     29-Aug-14
Rishi Panchami     30-Aug-14
Parivartini Ekadashi     5-Sep-14
Vamana Jayanthi     6-Sep-14
Onam     6-Sep-14
Ananta Chaturdashi     8-Sep-14
Bhadrapada Purnima     9-Sep-14
Mahalaya Paksha Begins     10-Sep-14
Kanya Sankramana     17-Sep-14
Indira Ekadashi     19-Sep-14
Mahalaya Maha Amavasya     24-Sep-14
Bhadrapada Amavaya     24-Sep-14
Sharada Navaratri     25-Sep-14
Durga Asthami     2-Oct-14
Bathukamma Panduga     2-Oct-14
Maha Navami     3-Oct-14
Vijaya Dashami     3-Oct-14
Kanya Sravanam     4-Oct-14
Pasankusa Ekadashi     4-Oct-14
Sharad Purnima     8-Oct-14
Aswayuja Purnima     8-Oct-14
Ashwin Purnima     8-Oct-14
Total Lunar Eclipse     8-Oct-14
Karwa Chauth     11-Oct-14
Ahoi Asthami     15-Oct-14
Tula Sankramana     17-Oct-14
Rama Ekadashi     19-Oct-14
Dhanteras Lakshmi Puja     21-Oct-14
Dhanatrayodashi     21-Oct-14
Naraka Chaturdashi     22-Oct-14
Diwali Lakshmi Puja     23-Oct-14
Diwali     23-Oct-14
Aswayuja Amavasya     23-Oct-14
Solar Eclipse     23-Oct-14
Gujarati New Year     24-Oct-14
Gowardhan Puja     24-Oct-14
Bhaiya Duj     25-Oct-14
Yama Dwitiya     25-Oct-14
Nagul Chavithi     27-Oct-14
Labh Panchami     28-Oct-14
Skanda Shasthi     29-Oct-14
Chhath (Bihar)     29-Oct-14
Suryanarayana Shasthi     29-Oct-14
Deva Uthi Ekadashi     3-Nov-14
Uthana Ekadashi     3-Nov-14
Tulasi Kalyanam     3-Nov-14
Prabhodhanotsava     3-Nov-14
Ksheerabdi Dwadashi     4-Nov-14
Vaikuntha Chaturdashi     5-Nov-14
Kartika Purnima     6-Nov-14
Jwala Thoranam     6-Nov-14
Kalabhairav Jayanthi     14-Nov-14
Ayyapa Mandala Puja Begins     17-Nov-14
Vrischika Sankramana     16-Nov-14
Utpanna Ekadashi     18-Nov-14
Karthika Amavasya     22-Nov-14
Subramanyam Shasthi     27-Nov-14
Geeta Jayanthi     2-Dec-14
Mokshada Ekadashi     2-Dec-14
Annamalai Deepam     4-Dec-14
Kartigai Deepam     5-Dec-14
Sarvalaya Deepam     6-Dec-14
Karthika Purnima     6-Dec-14
Dattatreya Jayanthi     6-Dec-14
Dhanu Sankramana     16-Dec-14
Dhanurmasa Begins     16-Dec-14
Kamurata Begins     16-Dec-14
Saphala Ekadashi     18-Dec-14
Vakula Amavasya     22-Dec-14
Karthika Amavasya     22-Dec-14
Marghazi Moolam     22-Dec-14
Ayyapa Mandala Puja Ends     28-Dec-14
Vaikuntha Ekadashi     31-Dec-1

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