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Yavana Jataka by Yavanacharya

Sage Yavana, who belonged to the Alexander period, wrote Yavana Jataka. He was an astrologer in the Greek court in India. Because of this he was called Yavanacharya or Greek Guru, and hence a lot of western astrologers claim that Indians learned astrology from the Greeks!! There are a few areas where his interpretations of results are different. Because of this it is an important classic. The teachings of Yavanacharya were recorded by a king called Sphujidhwaja.
The initial verses like the salutations etc. are omitted here.
Chapter 1 :The natures of the signs and planets.

11. With the twelve zodiacal signs, which are auspicious or inauspicious and which have various forms, colors, and shapes.

12. They say that this (zodiac), in which arise the seven planets, rises in a clockwise direction, and moves in strict accord with the (proper) order (of the signs) up to mid-heaven; the visible half continues on to the western (horizon).

13. . . . (their) distinctions are established . . .

14. The first (sign) is traditionally said to have the shape of a ram; it is called by the ancients the head of Kala. Its places are the paths of goats and sheep, caves, mountains, (hideouts of) thieves, and (places tihere there are) fire, metals, mines, and jewels.

15. The second is said to have the shape of a bull; it is the mouth and throat of the Creator. Its places are those of forests, mountains, ridges, elephants, herds of cows, and farmers.

16. The third is a couple (a woman and a man) holding a lyre and a club (respectively); it is the region of the shoulders and arms of Prajspati. Its places are those of dancers, singers, artisans, and women, and (places for) playing games, sexual intercourse, gambling, and recreation.

17. The fourth, which has the form of a crab standing in water and which is the region of the chest, is called Karki (Karkyos). To it belong meadows, wells, and sandy beaches, and its places are the pleasant play-grounds of goddesses.

18. The authorities state that the fifth is a lion on a mountain peak; it is the region of the heart of Prajapati. Its places are forests, fortresses, caves, woods, mountains, and the dwelling-places of hunters and kings.

19. A maiden standing in a boat on the waters and holding a torch in her hand is sixth, as those who are clever on the subject of time say; it is the belly of the Creator. Its lands are grassy and (suitable for) women, sexual intercourse, and crafts.

20. (The next) is a man bearing goods on a balance and standing in the market-place; it is the region of the navel, hips, and bladder. Its places are those of customs-duties, money, lyres, coins, cities, roads, caravanseries, and ripened grain.

21. The eighth has the shape of a scorpion in its hole; it is said to be the region of the penis and anus of the Lord. Its places are caves, pits, and holes, poisonous and stony areas, prisons, and (the abodes of) ants, worms, boa-constrictors, and snakes.

22. A man carrying a bow, one whose rear half is that of a horse, (is the ninth sign); they say this is the thighs of the Maker of the world. Its places are level land, (places where there are) horses both singly and in herds, alcoholic drinks, weapon-bearers, sacrifices, chariots, and horses.

23. The tenth is pointed out as being a sea-monster (makara) whose front is like a deer’s, but whose hind-end is like a fish’s; they say this is the region of the knees of the Creator. Its places are rivers, forests, woods, paths and so forth, marshes, and pits.24. A pot being poured out (carried) on the shoulder of a man-this, the authorities say, is the eleventh (sign); it is the shanks. Its places are tanks, (fields of) poor grain, (haunts of) birds, and (areas suitable for) women, liquor-sellers, and gambling.

25. The last sign is a pair of fish in water; it is called by the best (authorities) the feet of Kaala. Its places are auspicious ones, (where there are) gods and BraahmaNas, pilgrimages, rivers, oceans, and clouds.

26. Thus has been told the circle of the divisions of the limbs of the Creator who made the circular surface of the earth; there is a mutual connection of the signs, marks, and qualities (indicated by the zodiacal signs) and the (corresponding) parts of the bodies of men.

27. The various kinds of places and people pertaining to (each) sign have been briefly recounted in order by the ancients; these (various kinds) with their fixed natures are to be regarded as having their pl,aces and actions in the places and limbs connected with the(various) signs.

28. For those who are authorities say that this world of the immovable and the movable has its essence in the Sun and the Moon. (In them) are seen its coming into being and its passing away; even in the circle of the constellations does it have its essence in them.

29. The solar half (of the zodiac) begins with Magha (the first naksatra in Leo); the other half, the lunar, with Sarpa (the last naksatra in Cancer).
The Sun gives the (zodiacal) signs to the planets in order, the lunar signs (are assigned) in reverse order.

30. Others, however, state that every odd sign is solar, every even sign lunar; each solar sign is masculine and hard, each lunar sign feminine and soft.

31. In the odd signs, the first half is solar, the second lunar, they say; in the even signs, the Moon is lord of the first half, and the Sun of the second.

32. As the Sun takes Leo because of its qualities and the Moon Cancer,
so they give the remaining signs from (their own) lordships to (those of) the planets in direct and reverse order (respectively).

33. In order (these planets) are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. . . . Therefore they are said to be each the lord of two houses, one lunar and one solar.

34. The Horas (horai) are famous .The Drekanas (dekanoi) are renowned for their acquisition of images and forms.

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