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Kalyana Varma, the famous author Saravali belonged to the 10th century AD. He was the king of a place called Vyaghrapada, believed to be somewhere in Madhya Pradesh. From the verses in this work it is obvious that he has studied the works of Parashara, Varahamihira and Yavana etc before him, and as he felt that they were too brief, he decided to elaborate the principles.
Saravali indeed is a monumental work and the study of it is a must for the serious students of astrology.
Saravali page and chapter index


1. Birth of Horāśāstra Author’s prayer and introduction

2. Meaning of Horā

3. Rāśi Description
Description of the 12 Rāśis, limbs of Kalapurusha and their use, synonyms of Rāśis and Houses, zodiacal halves, their Lords and effects. Rāśi and Navāńśa rulers, importance of sub-divisions, Vargothamamsa, Lords of decanates, Horas, Trimsamsas and Sapthamsas, different Vargas, benefic and malefic Rāśis, Gandantha, directions of Rāśis, DigBala and KalaBala, day and night Signs, Sirodara & Prishtodara Signs, strength of Rāśi, synonyms of Bhavas, additional synonyms, Kendra, Apoklima and Panaphara, Upachaya and Anupachaya, exaltation and fall, long, medium and short ascensions of Signs, favourable Rāśis for journey and colours of Rāśis

4. Planetary Characters
Kalapurusha’s soul etc., limbs from decanates, planetary portfolios, directions and nature, synonyms of planets, planetary colours, deities, sex, caste, elements, robes, substances, periods and Ritus, Lords of Vedas and Worlds, description and nature of the planets from the Sun to Saturn, planetary friendship permanent and temporary, five kinds of consideration of these, planetary aspects and strengths, directional and positional strengths, temporal and motional strengths, Ayana, Drekkana, Tribhaga and Naisargika Balas

5. Miscellaneous Matters
States of planets, effects of various states, retrogression in exaltation, good results in mid-life, Swakshetra, Mulatrikona etc., effects thereof, inauspicious planets, exalted, retrograde, auspicious planets, Nathonnatha Bala, Lords of year etc., Paksha Bala, planets with all kinds of strengths, benefics and malefics with such strengths, planetary stages and planets in odd, or even Signs

6. (Yoga) Karakas
Planetary coworkers and effects thereof

7. Planetary Indications
Lord of weekday etc., Bhava effects, planetary rulerships, or Karakatwas and planetary places

8. Copulation (Conception), Menstruation, occurrence of pregnancy, disposition of fetus, birth of twins, male, hermaphrodite, one male child and one female child, triplets etc., parents, process of growth of embryo, miscarriage, comfortable carrying, adversities to the pregnant woman, progress of progeny, time of delivery, natal Moon, belated progeny, eye defects, dumbness, dullwitted, teethed at birth, peculiar birth, short stature, lame by birth and birth sans legs, hands and head

9. Conditions at Birth
Kinds of delivery, place of delivery home, position of cot, delivery on ground, number of attendants, position of light, birth out of fathers sight, birth out of wedlock, evils to mother, resemblance, rounded by coil, features, characteristics and nature, death of parents and happiness to parents

10. Evils at Birth
Need to assess longevity, strength of male/female planets, kinds of evils, longevity curtailed to minimum, Yogas adverse for eyes and ears, death in few days, effects of time causing a disease, malefics and decanates, death, exceedingly long life, elapsed longevity, timing infant death, death in childhood, death in 3rd year, fateful degrees of the Moon etc.

11. Evils and the Moon
Combinations to counteract lunar evils

12. Evils Canceled at Birth

Evils relating to longevity nullified

13. Lunar Yogas
Sunapha, Anapha, Durudhura, Kemadruma, different permutations, other kinds of Sunapha etc., results of Sunapha, Anapha, Durudhura by Mars etc., lunar Yogas from the Sun, Moon in invisible and visible halves and Dhana Yogas

14. Yogas from the Sun
Vasi, Vesi and Ubhayachari, effects of Vasi and Vesi by different planets and effects of Ubhayachari

15. Conjunction of Two Planets

16. Conjunction of Three Planets

17. Conjunction of Four Planets

18. Conjunction of Five Planets

19. Conjunction of Six Planets

20. Combinations for Renunciation

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