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Vastu and room size

The size of the rooms

According to the Tamil Manaiyadi shastram (Vastu Sastra), the room size has an impact on the people residing in the house. It is applicable to each and every room in the house. Therefore care should be taken while fixing the length and breadth of every single room because this might adversely affect the person who is living in that room. The good and bad effects of fixing a particular dimension for rooms in the house are given below in a table.

The room size is in feet

6 The resident will lead a peaceful life.
7 The resident will lose all his wealth.
8 The resident will be blessed with great wealth and will enjoy all pleasures.
9 The resident will not only lose all his wealth but will also face
insurmountable difficulties.
10 The resident can be assured of at least a square meal a day.
11 The resident will enjoy overall health and wealth.
12 The resident will lose his child.
13 The resident will suffer from incurable diseases.
14 Peace of mind will be lost.
15 A death will occur in the resident’s family.
16 The resident will attain great wealth.
17 The resident will defeat his enemies.
18 The house will get destroyed soon.
19 The resident will experience poverty.
20 The resident will lead a happy life.
21 The resident will live with honour and dignity.
22 The resident will defeat his enemies.
23 All evil events will occur in the house.
24 Only moderate benefits can be expected.
25 The resident will lose his wife.
26 Prosperity will rule the house .
27 The resident will become rich.
28 God will bless the resident and his family.
29 The resident will be blessed with all kinds of wealth and material possessions.
30 The resident will be blessed by Godess Lakshmi, the God of wealth.
31 The resident will experience moderate benefits
32 Lost wealth will be regained.
33 The resident will be blessed with overall prosperity
34 The resident will be forced to vacate the house and  live elsewhere.
35 The resident will make a fortune.
36 The resident will be courageous.
37 The resident will be blessed with good children and wealth.
38 The resident will be haunted by a demon at all times.
39 The resident will be blessed with overall prosperity.
40 The resident will lose his possessions because of his enemies.
41 The resident will experience some happy events in his family.
42 The resident wil be blessed with all kinds of wealth.
43 The resident will experience difficulties.
44 The resident will become blind.
45 The resident will be  blessed with good children.
46 The resident will lose his prosperity.
47 The resident will lose his prosperity and will reside in an evil place.
48 The resident will face danger from fire.
49 The resident will face poverty.
50 The resident will face neither good nor bad times.
51 The resident will have to face unnecessary disputes.
52 The resident will be blesed with good food all his life.
53 The resident will face problems because of women.
54 The resident will incur the wrath of the government.
55 Help from relatives can be expected.
56 The resident will be blessed with children.
57 The resident will not have children.
58 The resident will face a threat to his life.
59 The resident will face financial troubles.
60 The resident will advance in his chosen career.
61 The resident will face unwanted disputes.
62 The resident will face poverty and suffer from diseases.
63 The resident will win  in disputes.
64 The resident will prosper and will enjoy all luxuries.
65 The resident will lose his wife.
66 The resident will be blessed with overall prosperity.
67 A devil will enter the house.
68 The resident will unearth a treasure.
69 The resident will face danger from thieves.
70 The resident will become famous.
71 The resident willascend to higher positions in the government.
72 The resident will prosper and gain knowledge.
73 The resident wil have no children.
74 The resident will receive support from the government.
75 The resident will lose his wealth and may die.
76 The resident will face trouble from his relatives.
77 The resident will buy a new vehicle.
78 The resident’s daughter will face problems.
79 The resident will be  blesed with wealth.
80 The lord of wealth will reside in that house.
81 There is a threat to the owner of the house.
82 Threat from natural calamities.
83 The resident will lose his peace of mind.
84 The resident will live happily.
85 The resident will enjoy all luxuries.
86 The resident will face financial difficulties.
87 The resident will acquire vehicles.
88 The resident will experience overall welfare.
89 The resident wil build and acquire more houses.
90 The resident will prosper in all aspects of life.
91 The resident will be very knowledgeable.
92 The resident will  become famous ,might win awards and privileges.
93 The resident will be forced to shift his residence.
94 Poverty will rule the house.
95 The resident will become a celebrity.
96 There will be a drastic increase in all expenditures.
97 The resident will prosper in international business.
98 The resident will go abroad  and become famous.
99 The resident will be blessed with great fortune.
100 The god of arts and education will reside in that house.
101 The resident will accumulate huge wealth.
102 The resident will get help from friends.
103 The resident will be convicted.
104 The resident will not make profits from his business.
105 The resident’s daughter will suffer from disease.
106 The resident will make a fortune.
107 The resident will accumulate huge wealth.
108 God will bless that house and the house and its residents.
109 The resident will be blessed with overall prosperity.
110 The God of wealth will bless the house and its residence.
111 Happy events will occur in the family.
112 The resident will regain lost property.
113 The resident will accumulate wealth.
114 There will be a change of place in the near future.
115 The God of wealth will bless the house.
116 The resident will be well respected in the society.
117 The resident will become wealthier in general.
118 Poverty will rule that house.
119 The resident will accumulate huge wealth
120 The resident will  lose his entire wealth.

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