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Vastu for plot

Shape and size of the plot: The best shapes for plots of land are square or rectangular, facing squarely on the four cardinal directions.

It is good if the plot is narrower at the entrance and wider at its rear, but the opposite is not good.
Round, oval, and triangular plots should be avoided. The house should not be built in the shape of a diamond, with the corner facing north. L-shaped plots are also inauspicious and should not be purchased. If the land is cut in the corner this is not good. If possible the land to fill in the missing corner should be purchased. If the land is cut short on the northeast side it is very bad and is not auspicious; do not purchase it. It is like a headless body.

A land tilt of 20 degrees, off square by 20 degrees, is acceptable. If the plot is rectangular, it is better that the longer sides run north to south rather than west to east. The best properties are either square or rectangular. If the plot is not a perfect rectangle, it is best if at least the southwest and southeast sides of the land are at 90º angles from one another. The southwest side of the quadrilateral should definitely not be extended past the southeast side, even if that means giving away a portion of the plot. Land that extends past the northeast side of the quadrilateral, however, brings wealth, happiness, and good name. Land extending on the northeast side is very good. Extensions on any other side are inauspicious. Extensions of the northwest side will cause you to lose money and peace.

The following chart shows the different shapes of plots and their suitability and effects.

Shape of the plot



Square (all corners straight and at 90°) shaped

Very auspicious, brings health,wealth and happiness.

Rectangular Shaped

Good and auspicious. Brings all round prosperity.

Circular Shaped


Good for constructing circular Shaped buildings only.

Wheel Shaped

Owner loses financial status and faces poverty.

Odd Shaped (irregular shaped)

Causes all types or problems and poverty.

Triangular Shaped

Affects progress and causes problems from government.

Bhadarshan Shaped

Not good for residence. Can be used for special type of buildings like government buildings only.

Cart Shaped

Causes wants and poverty, even imprisonment. The owner has to run here and there like a Cart.

Long bar Shaped

Not good if used for cattle shed, the cattle reared here perish.

Damru shaped (a tiny size musical damru with deep bend in the middle)

Will have very bad effect on the eye sight of inmates. Also everyone in the house will lose discretion fright judgement.

Visham Bahu (disproportionate shouldered)

Affects health, involves in mates in court litigations, drives them to poverty.

Drum or Dholak or Mirdung Shaped

Will cause loss of wife and other female members of the family

Hand-Pan Shaped

Creates loss of wealth, cattle etc. This can be corrected and used if other aspects conform to Vastu principles.

Varahan Mukhi Akaar (pig faced Shaped)

Causes death of brothers and relatives.

Turtle shaped plot

Causes to the owner and his family members imprisonment, untimely death and murders.

Window shaped plot (used for hand winnowing to separate grains from chaff)

The inmates of this plot lose mental peace and face poverty.

Bow shaped plot

Inmates of this plot face fear of theft, loot, attack by enemies etc.

Muslakar plot (long oval like plot with cut in one side)

It brings enmity and loss of friendship

Hexagon shaped plot

This is considered good if all other Vastu principles are followed. Is said to be helpful in progress of family members.

Ellipitical plot (a regular oval shaped)

Loss in many ways like money, women and respect.

Polygonal plot (Panch Mukh)

Such plot should not be inhabited before making it a rectangular plot otherwise it will bring legal litigations and false allegations.

Octagonal (Astha Kon) plot

Is auspicious and will bring all round prosperity.

Pot type plot

People who live on this plot face problems and obstacles for progress.

Simha Mukh (lion faced) like a lion’s face wider in front

Not good for residential purposes. Is very auspicious for business organisation.

Gaumukh (cow faced) like a cows face narrow in front

Auspicious provided the roads are in Southern and Westeren sides of plot.

Projections, retractions & closed/cut corners

Not all plots are square or rectangular. There are some plots with projections or extensions, missing corners. Their effects are as follows:

Projection/Retraction Shape Effects
North East projected towards as well as North Wealth and prosperity, peace of mind and plenty.
North-West projected at West Good for women organisations and politicians.
North West projected North Suffering of women, mental problems, heavy expenditure and losses in business.
South East extended at East Losses and harassment by government.
South East extended at South Health problems, litigations decline in income.
South West extended at South Misery to women folk and sickness.
South West extended at West Bad names to makes, mental problems to women, loss of wealth.
North East Mars progress and prospects. Loss of children and wealth. Mental unrest and sickness leading to all round unhappiness .
North West Disease, loss of wealth, fear of life and theft.
South East Poverty and diseases
South West Sickness of wife, mental worry and unhappiness.
North East Disastrous
South East Wealth will be destroyed and children’s progress in affected.
North West Progress of the family will be effected leading to bankrupty and mental problems.
South West Permitted without blocking the pathway.

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