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Vastu Sashtra – Land & plot

Situation of Plot: A land that was a burial ground, or a crematorium is not suitable for living. Ideally it should be flat level ground. A land on a hill is also not a suitable. If it is on a slope, then the land sloping down toward the north or east is ok but if it is sloping to the west it is not good.

A valley or a large pit around the land or a depression in the land is inauspicious.

A plot situated between two larger plots is not good as it brings poverty.

If the plot is next to a bridge it is not auspicious – particularly if the bridge is on the north or east side. You can compromise if it is on the south or west side.

Don’t buy a plot with obstructions like hills, tall buildings or towers on the north, north east or east sides as the sun’s rays will be blocked. However such things on the west or south sides are auspicious as they bring health, wealth and happiness as they block the harmful western rays.

Similarly water source located on the southwest side of a building will bring misery. If the plot has a well, swimming pool, lake, river or a stream flowing on the north east it is auspicious.

If there is an electrical power supply station or large electric pole on the north east side of the plot it is not good for the vibrations.

The plot should not be within twice the distance of the height of the house to any public place like temple, hospital, factory etc. If the distance is more than that then it is ok. The house should be at least 80 ft or more away from any temple. The gate should not face a temple and the shadow of a temple should not fall on the house.

Avoid plots near a meat shop, workshop, laundry, shoe shop, etc.

The fence or the boundary wall should be higher on the west and south and lower on the north and east sides.
Roads near the plot: A plot with a road running straight at any of its four main sides has its effects.
This is called Veedhi Shoola or Therukuthu. Please note this is different from roads running along the sides.

Roadfrom Results Nature of effects
North of Northeast
( N / NE )
Very good Good for women and also for business activities.  Can ensure wealth and prosperity for residents.
East of Northeast
( E / NE )
Very good Very good for men.  Will ensure upward mobility in life.  Preferred for newspaper offices/presses/photo studios/media industries and residences.
South of Southeast
( S / SE )
Good Will give peace and happiness.  Good for women.  Can ensure reasonable financial status for the inmates.
East of Southeast
( E / SE )
Bad Will increase expenses.  Can make the inmates greedy.  Accidents can occur.  Ligitation and government punishments/actions can be initiated.
North of Northwest
( N / NW )
Bad Promotes indiscipline. Can promote nefarious or unlawful activities.  General instability is noted.
Westof Northwest
( W / NW )
Good Good for men.  Will promote owner’s business / profession.  Can improve attitude and behaviour.
South of Southwest
( S / SW )
Affects wealth / finance.  Indication of accidents, bad habits for inmates, especially women.  Can mean trouble in all spheres for inmates.
West of Southwest
( W / SW )
Very bad Will affect the happiness of all inmates, especially the men.  Constant quarrels, problems and scarcity of money are observed in addition tolitigation.

The plot with roads running along on all four sides is the best. It brings health, wealth and happiness.

The plot with roads running along on three sides – on the north, west, and east is not so good. Roads on the north, south, and west is also not so good.

It is inauspicious if there are three roads only on the east, south, and west.

If there are roads on only the east and north side, that is good.

If there are roads on the west and north, it is average.

The plot with a road running along and ending at the northeast corner is very good. But if the road ends on any other part of the plot it is usually not good.

A road on the east or north side of the plot is good, but a road on the south or west side is not so good.
The plot on a T or Y intersection is not auspicious.

The best plot is the square one followed by the rectangular one. The four sides of the plot should be towards the four main directions. A hexagon shaped plot ( 8 even sides) is also good.

Direction of the plot: The direction that the front of a property faces is important.

Plot facing East is good for scholars, philosophers, priests, professors, teachers etc.

Plot facing North is good for those in power, administration and those who work for government.

Plot facing South is good for business class and for those who work in business organisations.

Plot facing West is for those who provide supporting services to the society.

If the plot of land does not squarely face the four cardinal directions, and if the road does not run in one of the four cardinal directions, the house should be built facing the four directions

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