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Shreechakra Navavarana Pooja as per the Khadgamala vidhi

This is a simple and fairly easy to perform Sriyantra pooja.

For those who don’t have the time a simple Khadgamala recital is > here

For those who have the time and inclination a full and very detailed Navavarana pooja as per the great Kaulavachara is > here

The basic Rules: Devi worship must be done only after taking bath and wearing clean clothes. As per the rituals to be observed – various pooja books and websites prescribe long preparations and rituals for poojas. It is not possible for every one to perform a pooja like an ordained Vedic priest. Hence our scriptures allow one to do a pooja “Yatha shakti” or as per ones capability and convenience. Doing it with faith is what really matters. The minimum is: light a lamp and an incense stick and offer some prasad – if you don’t have anything at home then simple milk or sugar will do.

People worship the Shreechakra made of various materials and in shades. The simplest and the best one is a clear diagrammatic picture. In the olden days people used to draw the Chakra on various materials. Now you do not have to go through all the trouble. You can use a simple printed one, which is equally effective. We have enclosed one for your benefit at the top. Take a print out of it to worship. Preferably laminate it so that it is not soiled or damaged.

While doing the pooja of the various deities in the Nine Avaranas, you can worship the Chakra with Akshintas (Turmeric rice) or flowers or with Panchamrut. A still better way is to worship the particular Devi in the places indicated in the pictures given in the previous pages.

The Devi is worshipped in many forms and names – Lalita, Katyayani, Kameswari, Kamakshi, Durga, Chandi, Kali, and Amba etc. The closest matching form of the Shodashakshari Devi as described in the scriptures is that off Goddess Kamakshi of Kanchi. You will find it here > Click to see picture.

The Anganyasas and Karanyasa beejas are the purification ritual before the pooja. The basic Anganyasa & Karanyasa are given for the benefit of those who are conversant with this ritual. If you do not know you can omit it.

If you are conversant with the other pooja rituals like Aachamanam, Bhuta Suddhi, Dehasuddhi, Shankha pooja, Kalasha pooja etc., you can perform them before the actual pooja. If you do not know simply offer a prayer to Lord Ganesha and do the pooja. At the end of the pooja offer the following prayer.

“Avahanam najanami, najanami visarjanam,
poojamchaiva najanamani kshamaswa Maheswari.
Yatkrutam yatkarishyami tathsarvam twamarpanam,
poojam poorna phalam kuru”.

Roughly translated it means – “I am not conversant with the Aavahana, visarjana etc.. pooja rituals and hence forgive me. Whatever I have done and I am doing, I am offering to you. Give me full results”.

This pooja, along with the four other poojas that must be performed before that, will take about 45 minutes time but it is more effective than any other pooja both materially and spiritually.

When you sit facing the east and with the tip of the top triangle pointing at you, at the bottom right hand side corner of the Shreechakra resides Lord Ganesha. The bottom left hand side corner resides Lord Surya. The top left side corner resides Lord Vishnu and the top right corner of the Shreechakra resides Lord Shiva. They must be worshipped before starting the Pooja of the Nava-Avaranas.

After that the eight primordial directions are guarded by the eight Lokapalas. Indra guards the East, Agni guards the South East, Yama guards the South, Nirriti guards the South West, Varuna guards the West, Vayu guards the North East, Soma guards the North and Ishana guards the North East.

The Sri Chakra Pooja


Aim Angushtabhyam namah
Hreem Tarjaneebhyam namah
Shreem Madhyamabhyam namah
Aim Anamikabhyam namah
Kleem Kanishtikabhyam namah
Souh Karatalakara prushtabhyam namah


Aim Hrudayaya namah
Hreem Siraseswaha
Shreem Shikhayaivashat
Aim Kavachayahum
Kleem Netratrayayaoushat
Souh Astrayaphat

Three Salutations to Devi

Om aim hreem shreem aim kleem souh Kriyashakti pithayai Shripadukam poojayami namah
Om aim hreem shreem aim kleem souh Gyanashakti kundalinyai Shripadukam poojayami namah
Om aim hreem shreem aim kleem souh Ichhashakti shri mahatripurasundaryai Shripadukam poojayami namah

Nityayajanam (pooja of nitya devies)

Om aim hreem shreem aim kleem souh – these bijas must be added before each of the names from now onwards. After the name add the beejas Shripadukam poojayami namah
Kameswari nityamba – Shripadukampoojayaminamah

Bhagamalini nityamba

Nityaklinna nityamba

Bherunda nytyamba

Vahnivasini nityamba

Mahavajreswari nityamba

Shivaduti nityamba

Twarita nityamba

Kulasundari nityamba

Nitya nityamba

Neelapataka nityamba

Sarvamangala nityamba

Jwalamalini nityamba

Chitra nityamba

Mahanitya nityamba

Parameswara parameswari devi

Mitreshamayi devi

Shastisamayi devi

Uddisamayi devi

Charyanathamayi devi

Lopamudramayi devi

Agastyamayi devi

Kalatapanamayi devi

Dharmacharyamayi devi

Muktakeliswaramayi devi

Deepakalanathamayi devi

Vishnudevamayi devi

Prabhakaradevamayi devi

Tejodevamayi devi

Kalyanadevamayi devi

Vasudevamayi devi

Ratnadevamayi devi

Shriramanandamayi devi

Prathama Avarana pooja

(The 3 outer lines)

The position of the Devis on the 3 lines is indicated by numbers

The First line

O1-Anima Sidhyamba

O2-Laghima Sidhyamba

O3-Mahima Sidhyamba

O4-Ishvita Sidhyamba

O5-Vasitva Sidhyamba

O6-Prakamya Sidhyamba

O7-Bhukti Sidhyamba

O8-Ichha Sidhyamba

O9-Prapti Sidhyamba

10-Sarvakama Sidhyamba

The second line

M1-Shree Brahmi Matruka

M2-Shree Maheswari Matruka

M3-Shree Koumari Matruka

M4-Shree Vishnavi Matruka

M5-Shree Varahi Matruka

M6-Shree Mahendri Matruka

M7-Shree Chamunda Matruka

M8-Shree Mahalakshmi Matruka

The third line

1-Sarvasankshobhini Devi

2-Sarvavidravini Devi

3-Sarvakarshini Devi

4-Sarvavashankari Devi

5-Sarvonmadini Devi

6-Sarvamahankusha Devi

7-Sarvakhechari Devi

8-Sarvabeeja Devi

9-Sarvayoni Devi

10-Sarvatrikhanda Devi

Trilokyamohanachakraswamini Devi

Prakatayogini Devi


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