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There are many types and levels of worship of the Devi(s) of the Sri Chakra. The Khadgamala is the simplest way. It is simply reciting the names of all the Devis of the Sri Chakra. The following is the sequence in which the names should be recited. It is very good for all round protection and progress. If recited when you are tired and exhausted, it is an excellent rejuvenator of the body, mind and the soul.

Om Aim Hrim Srim Aim Klim Souh
Om Namah Tripura Sundari, Hridayadevi, Sirodevi, Sikhadevi, Kavaca Devi, Netra Devi, Astra Devi

Kamesvari, Bhagamalini, Nityaklinne, Bherunde, Vahnivasini, Mahavajresvari, Sivaduti, Tvarite, Kulasundari, Nitya, Nilapatake, Vijaye, Sarvamangale, Jvalamalini, Citre, Mahanitye, Paramesvara Paramesvari

Mitresamayi, Sasthisamayi, Uddisamayi, Caryanathamayi, Lopamudramayi, Agastyamayi, Kalatapanamayi, Dharmacaryamayi, Muktakesisvaramayi, Dipakalanathamayi, Visnudevamayi, Prabhakara devamayi, Tejodevamayi, Manojadevamayi, Kalyanadevamayi, Vasudevamayi, Ratnadevamayi, Sri Ramanandamayi

Anima Siddhe, Laghima Siddhe, Garima Siddhe, Mahima Siddhe, Isitva Siddhe, Vasitva Siddhe, Prakamya Siddhe, Bhukti Siddhe, Iccha Siddhe, Prapti Siddhe, Sarvakama Siddhe, Brahmi, Mahesvari, Koumari, Vaisnavi, Varahi, Mahendri, Camunde, Mahalaksmi, Sarva Samksobhini, Sarva Vidravini, Sarva karsini, Sarva Vasamkari, Sarvonmadini, Sarva Mahankuse, Sarva Khecari, Sarva Bije, Sarva Yone, Sarva Trikhande, Trilokya mohana cakra swamini Prakata yogini

Kamakarsini, Buddhyakarsini, Ahamkarakarsini, Sabdhakarsini, Sparsakarsini, Rupakarsini, Rasakarsini, Gandhakarsini, Cittakarsini, Dharyakarsini, Smrityikarsini, Namakarsini, Bijakarsini, Atmakarsini, Amrtakarsini, Sarirakarsini, Sarvasa paripuraka cakra svamini Gupta yogini

Ananga Kusume, Ananga Mekhale, Ananga Madane, Ananga Madananture, Ananga Redhe, Ananga Vegini, Ananga Kusume, Ananga Malini, Sarva sanksoghana sadhaka cakra swamini Gupta tara yogini

Sarva Samksobhini, Sarva Vidravini, Sarva Karsini, Sarva Hladini, Sarva Sammohini, Sarva Stambini, Sarva Jrumbhini, Sarva Vasamkari, Sarva Ranjani, Sarvonmadini, Sarvarthasadhini, Sarva Sampattipurani, Sarva Mantra Mayi, Sarva Dvandva Ksayamkari, Sarva Soubhagya Dayaka Cakra Swamini Sampradaya yogini

Sarva Siddhiprade, Sarva Sampatprade, Sarva Priyamkari, Sarva Mangalakarini, Sarva Kamaprade, Sarva Duhkha Vimocani, Sarva Mrityu Prasamani, Sarva Vigna Nivarani, Sarvanga Sundari, Sarva Soubhagya Dayini Sarvartha Sadhaka Cakra Swamini Kulottirna yogini

Sarva Jne, Sarva Sakte, Sarvaisvarya pradayini, Sarva Jnanamayi, Sarva Vyadhivinasini, Sarvadharasvarupe, Sarva Papa Hare, Sarva Ananda Mayi, Sarva Raksa Svarupini, Sarvepsita Phala Prade, Sarva Raksakara Cakra Svamini Nigarbha yogini

Vasini, Kamesvari, Modini, Vimale, Arune, Jayini, Sarvesvari, Kaulini, Sarvarogahara Cakra Swamini Rahasya yogini Banini, Capini, Pasini, Ankusini

Maha Kamesvari, Maha Vajresvari, Maha Bhagamalini, Sarva Siddhiprada Cakra Swamini Ati Rahasya yogini Sri Sri Maha Bhattarike Sarvananda Maya Cakra Swamini Parapara Rahasya Yogini

Tripure, Tripuresi, Tripurasundari, Tripura Vasini, Tripura Srih, Tripuramalini, Tripura Siddhe, Tripurambe, Maha Mahesvari, Maha Maha Rajni, Maha Maha Sakte, Maha Maha Gupte, Maha Maha Jnapte, Maha Mahannande, Maha Maha Skandhe, Maha Mahasaye, Maha Maha Sri Cakra Nagara Samrajni

Sri Lalita Tripura Sundar Padukam Poojayami Tarpayami Namah.

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