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Shreechakra Navavarana Pooja as per the Khadgamala vidhi

Dwiteeyaavarana pooja

1. Kamakarshini shakti

2. Budhyakarshini shakti

3. Ahankarakarshini shakti

4. Shabdakarshini shakti

5. Sparshakarshini shakti

6. Rupakarshini shakti

7. Rasakarshini shakti

8. Gandhakarshini shakti

9. Chittakarshini shakti

10. Dhyryakarshini shakti

11. Smrutyakarshini shakti

12. Namakarshini shakti

13. Beejakarshini shakti

14. Atmakarshini shakti

15. Amrutakarshini shakti

16. Sharirakarshini shakti

Sarvasha paripuraka chakraswamini


Truteeyaavarana Pooja

1. Ananga Kusuma shakti

2. Ananga Mekhala shakti

3. Ananga Madana shakti

4. Ananga Madanatura shakti

5. Ananga Rekha shakti

6. Ananga Vegini shakti

7. Anangankusha shakti

8. Ananga Malini shakti

Sarvasamkshobhini chakraswamini


Chaturthaavarana Pooja

1.Sarvasmkshobhini devi

2.Sarvavidravini devi

3.Sarvakarshini devi

4.Sarvaahladini devi

5.Sarvasammohini devi

6.Sarvasthambhini devi

7.Sarvajrumbhini devi

8.Sarvavashankari devi

9.Sarvaranjani devi

10.Sarvonmadini devi

11.Sarvarthasadhika devi

12.Sarvasampattipurani devi

13.Sarvamantramayi devi

14.Sarvadwandwakshayankari devi

Sarsoubhagyadayaka chakraswamini


The Panchama Avarana

1.Sarva Siddhiprada devi

2.Sarvasampatprada devi

3.Sarvapriyankari devi

4.Sarvamangalakarini devi

5.Sarvakamaprada devi

6.Sarvadukhavimochini devi

7.Sarvamrityuprasamani devi

8.Sarvavighnanivarini devi

9.Sarvangasundari devi

10.Sarvasoubhagyadayini devi

Sarvartha Sadhaka Chakraswamini

Kulotteerna Yogini

The Shastha Avarana

1.Sarvagya devi

2.Sarvashakti devi

3.Sarvaswaryapradayini devi

4.Sarvagyanamayi devi

5.Sarvavyadhinivarini devi

6.Sarvadharaswarupa devi

7.Sarvapapahara devi

8.Sarvanandamayi devi

9.Sarvarakshaswarupini devi

10.Sarvepsitaphalaprada devi

Sarvarakshakara chakraswamini


Saptmavarana Pooja

1.Vasini Vagdevi

2.Kameswari Vagdevi

3.Modini Vagdevi

4.Kamala Vagdevi

5.Aruna Vagdevi

6.Jayini Vagdevi

7.Sarveswari Vagdevi

8.Koushini Vagdevi

Sarvarogahara chakraswamini

Rahasya yogini





Ashtamavarana Pooja

Mahakameswari devi

Mahavajreswari devi

Mahabhagamalini devi

Sarvasidhiprada chakraswamini


Navamavarana Pooja

Shri Shri Mahabhattarika

Sarvanandamaya Chakraswamini


Concluding Pooja

Tripura devi namah …………Dhyayami
Tripureshi devi namah ……….Avahayami
Tripurasundari devi namah …….. Asanam samarpayami
Tripurasidha devi namah …….. Snanam samarpayami
Tripuramba devi namah ……… Vastram samarpayami
Mahatripurasundari devi namah …. Abharanam samarpayami
Mahamaheswari devi namah …. Gandham dharayami
Mahamaharagyi devi namah …. Pushpani pujayami
Shrimatsimhasanaiswaryai namah .. Padou poojayami
Lalitayai namah .. Gulphou poojayami
Maharagyi namah .. Janghou poojayami
Paramkushayai namah .. Januni poojayami
Chapinyai namah .. Urum poojayami
Tripurayai namah .. Katim poojayami
Maha Tripura Sundaryai namah .. Nabhim poojayami
Sundaryai namah .. Vasitrayam poojayami
Chakranathaya namah .. Udaram poojayami
Samragyai namah .. Hrudayam poojayami
Chakrinyai namah .. Kantham poojayami
Chakreswaryai namah .. Oshtam poojayami
Mahadevyai namah .. Kapolam poojayami
Kameswaryai namah .. Dantapanktim poojayami
Parameswaryai namah .. Chubukam poojayami
Kamarajapriyayai namah .. Nasikadwayam poojayami
Kamakotikayai namah .. Bhroomadhyam poojayami
Chakravartinyai namah .. Netradwayam poojayami
Mahavidyayai namah .. Shrotradwayam poojayami
Shivanganavallabhayai namah .. Phalam poojayami
Sarvapatalayai namah .. Mukham poojayami
Kulanathayai namah .. Parswam poojayami
Amnayanathayai namah .. Shiram poojayami
Sarvamnayanivasinyai namah .. Padukam poojayami
Mahashrungaranayikayai namah .. Sarvangani poojayami
Mamahashakti devi namah .. Dhoopam aghrapayami
Mahamahagupta devi namah .. Deepam Darshayami
Mahagyapta devi namah .. Nivedyam samarpayami
Mahamahananda devi namah .. Tambulam samarpayami
Mahamahaskanda devi namah .. Neerajanam samarpayami
Mahamahashaya devi namah .. Mantrapushpam samarpayami
Mahamaha shreechakra nagara samragyidevi namah .. Pradikshana
namaskaram samarpayami

If you cannot do this detailed worship, simply worship the Sri Yantra 108 times with the Panchadasakshari Mantra, which is one of the greatest mantras of Devi and next only to the Shodasi Mantra:

Ka E i La Hreem – Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hreem – Sa Ka La Hreem

Listen to this mantra:


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