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Your 5 basic Astro-signs

Your Lagna or the ascendant, your Rasi or the sign in which the moon is placed in your chart, the Janma Nakshatra or star constellation in which the moon is placed, your Chinese sign and your Sun sign are the five important signs.
These indicate several of your looks, nature, characteristics etc. This calculator tells you the basic qualities and nature of these five signs. It also displays the degrees, minutes, seconds of your Lagna & Rasi, the Lahiri Ayanamsa for the day and the Julian day. Just type your date of birth, the time of birth and the latitude & longitude of your place of birth in the respective columns bellow & click the calculate button to know about all your 5 signs. If you don't know the latitude and longitude of your place of birth or the time zone, click on the link given here and note down > click here This software data is the copyright of astrojyoti.com & any reproduction or use in any website or software without our written permission is liable for legal action.  

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