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Karka Lagna – Cancer Ascendant

First House

Sun. Changeable temper, respected and tall in stature. Complexion will be sanguine bright with reddish tinge on the face. Comforts from conveyance. Many friends. Disputes with father. Gain from trade and business. Diseases of belly and eyes. Money comes readily.

Moon. Beautiful, long life, gain from mother, respected and wealthy, gain from land and property. Intelligent and clever. Fond of scents etc. Bestows power, victory over enemies. Long fortunate life. Honour through merits and hardwork.

Mars. Reddish in complexion, Changeable career. Fond of music and
dance. Strained relations with wife. Many friends and children. No permanent residence. Troubles in 50th year, Many Love affairs.

Mercury. Short life, waste of ancestral property, liar, cheat and sexy.
Residence outside place of dwelling. Fond of opposite sex, disputes with relation and friends. Fear from enemies and friends. Will earn by own hard efforts. Secret sorrows, danger of punishment, journeys and removals.

Jupiter. Wealthy and learned, skilled in many arts, a comfortable and happy life. Blessed with palatial property and houses. Long life. Friends of high ups. A man of high rank and authority. Will lead a kingly life. In the start and end builder of charitable institutions. Long journeys, learning, wisdom, fortunate with strangers and foreigners, voyages and in laws.

Venus. Happy and comfortable life. Wealthy, conveyance, property and gain from relations and real friends. Respected, fond of dress, diet and opposite sex. Two marriages. Helpful to others and victory over enemies. Fond of garden and planting trees. Fortunate actions, successful hopes, gain from ancestral property or business of land and property.

Saturn. Saturn here is in enemy’s camp of Moon and will make the native tall, of wheatish complexion, coupled with blackish tinge, Non religious, licentious, adulterous, pleasure seeking, plumpy, can be subjected to syphlis and veneral diseases. Limited comforts and average intelligence. Less comforts from mother, average financial position and destroyer of parent’s property. Victory over enemies, Public enemies, love of women and gain through them.

Rahu or Ketu. Diseased, ugly face and of low type profession.
Troublesome and fretful life. If it is being aspected by benefic planets then one will be respected, famous and wealthy.
Second House

Sun. Wealthy, respected and famous, Owner of land and property. As Sun is in own house, authority, respect and regards from Government of the day. A good orator and impressive. Strong willed. In middle life maximum honour, wealth, comforts and happiness. Well respected and famous. Troubles in eyes. Money through hard work and industry.

Moon. Poor, loss in family, waste of time and money in litigations. Fond of travelling in jungles and mountains. Diseases of eyes, belly and throat. Benefit through industrious activity.

Mars. Loss of property in early life. A strong Willed man. Will earn wealth by hard labour but will be wasted. Right eye will be affected at anytime in life. Gain through children and investments, industry, trade, profession and Government.

Mercury. Intelligent, learned and respected. Command over many languages and true to his words. Average wealth. In old age will get wealth and ancestral property. Average life. Will remain under debt. Bronchitis disease is indicated in the family. Gain through educational affairs, short journeys writings and music, secrecy, occult and large animals.

Jupiter. Gain of ancestral property but loss there of and will be under debt. Many enemies. Danger from opponents and friends. Troubles in life and a desperate man, Gain through foreign merchants, science, publication, travel and inventions. Loss through sickness and servants.

Venus. Gain of ancestral property, sweet temper and kind. A man of authority, wealthy and famous from early life. More women in the family. Gain through dealing with land, property and estate, many friends or legislative interests.

Saturn. Poor and under debt, early life full of struggles in litigations and domestic disputes, eye trouble, financial difficulties upto middle age and loss of money. Gain through deceased and realisation of debts.

Rahu or Ketu. Gain of money from unauthorised sources and manners. Many enemies. There will be bad smell from mouth and body. Arrest and troubles in youth and disfavour of Government officers. Danger to respect. Many difficulties, troubles and turmoils in life.
Third House

Sun. Sun in Virgo sign of Cancer ascendant makes a person tall and slander, but very well proportionate body, good complexion, dark hair and cheerful. Fond of recreations. Danger from disease of bronchitis or T.B., loss and difficulties due to brothers.

Moon. Shortage of brothers, comforts for a short period, worries from enemies, in last part of life one will become happy, wealthy and lead a comfortable life.

Mars. Shortage of brothers. Brother will be patient in young age. More daughters. Troubles and turmoils in youth and old age. A troubled and sorrowful life.

Mercury. Learned, intelligent and wealthy. Comforts from brothers and sisters. Medium length of life. Troubles and difficulties in early age. In middle life, he will have wealth, comforts, respect and authority. Journey to foreign lands.

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