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Brihat Jataka

Brihat Jataka is a great classic of Vedic astrology composed by The Great Varahamihira, who was the famous astrologer in the court of The Great king Vikramaditya in the year 57BC. He was also a great astronomer and the first one to mention in his work Pancha Siddhantika, based on our ancient Siddhantas, that the ayanamsa, or the shifting of the equinox is 50.32 seconds. He also authored the famous Brihat Samhita, Laghu Jataka and Yogayatra. His other famous classic is Daivagya Vallabha, which deals with prashna or horary astrology.

Varahamihira’s son Pitru Vyasa wrote the famous classic Horasara.

chapter index of Brihat Jataka

Chapter 1 – Explanation of technicalities used

Chapter 2 – Grahayoni prabheda

Chapter 3 – Viyoni Janmadhyaya

Chapter 4 – Nishika

Chapter 5 – Janma Kala lakshana

Chapter 6 – Balarishta

Chapter 7 – Ayurdaya

Chapter 8 – Dasantardasa

Chapter 9 – Ashtaka varga

Chapter 10 – Karmajeeva

Chapter 11 – Rajayoga

Chapter 12 – Nabhasa Yogas

Chapter 13 – Chandrayogadhyaya

Chapter 14 – Dwigrahayogadhyaya

Chapter 15 – Pravarajya yoga

Chapter 16 – Riksha-siladhyaya – Nakshatras

Chapter 17 – Rasi-siladhyaya – moon in signs

Chapter 18 – Rasi-siladhyaya – planets in signs

Chapter 19 – Drishti-phaladhyaya – results of planetary aspects

Chapter 20 – Bhavadhyaya -planets in houses

Chapter 21 – Asraya yogadhyaya – special combinations

Chapter 22 – Prakirnakadhyaya – mixed results

Chapter 23 – Anishtadhyaya – misfortunes

Chapter 24 – Strijatakadhyaya – female horoscopy

Chapter 25 – Niryanadhyaya

Chapter 26 – Nasta jataka – unknown horoscopes

Chapter 27 – Drekkana adhyaya

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