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Tula Lagna – Libra Ascendant

First house

Sun. Sun is in debilitated sign in Lagna. Sun gives love of justice, peace and harmony. The native is courteous, pleasant and agreeable. They are even tempered, affectionate and generous. There will be many ups and downs in life. Disrespect in old age. Worried and of doubtful nature. Loss through Govt.; victory over enemies, successful hopes and fortunate actions.

Moon. Preferment and dignities, honours through merits, success through industrious efforts. High ambitions, gain through mother and Government; relations with opposite sex. Comforts from conveyance. Respectful to elder. Medium age, may be afflicted with rheumatic pains.

Mars. Handsome, wealthy, love of women and benefit through them. Connections with the law. Public enemies, also in unions and partnership. Money comes readily. When afflicted obstacles through money which may be hard to accumulate. Loss through enemies. Bad stomach and afflicted eyes.

Mercury. Lords of 9th and 12th houses when posited in Lagna or Ascendant, indicates long journeys, learning, fortunate with strangers, foreigners, wife’s relatives and voyages. Animosity, heavy troubles, sorrow, loss through enemies. Danger of imprisonment or disablement, requiring hospitalisation. Loss through woman, wealthy and licentious. Eyes will be afflicted.

Jupiter. Comforts and gains from children, blessed with long life, religious, wealthy and respected, pilgrimage, comfortable life. Concern with affairs of brethren and neighbours, writings, learning and accomplishments. Loss through servants and sickness through irregularity.

Venus. Fond of music, dance, poetry and perfumes. Relations with opposite sex. Gain through women. Bestows power over enemies. Wealthy, respected and comforts from children. Self made man. Good health, harmony in married life if not afflicted. Legacies and money. Death by irregularity.

Saturn. Saturn is a Yogakarka for Libra ascendant and it is exalted in Lagna. It will bestow fortunate inheritance, gain through land, property or parentage. Makes the native, wealthy, respected, of good habits and nature. In middle age adulterous, unhappy. Loss through enemies. Average life span. Pleasure seeking, healthy and cordial relations with people.

Rahu or Ketu. Long life, many enemies, changeable residence and of bad thoughts. Journeys in life, two marriages or women. Danger from reptiles. Good luck in old age.

Second House

Sun. Money through personal efforts, gain through friends and acquaintances and hard work. Devoid of comforts from brothers.
Moon. Gain through trade, industry and Govt.; or parents. Gain of ancestral property. Wealthy and respected, knowledge of many languages. Less progeny.

Mars. Gain by marriage and own hard work, heavy losses in early life, losses through unions, partnerships, contracts, law-suits, public enemies. Loss through women and death of partner.

Mercury. Gain of money through foreign merchants or the sea. Learning, science publications, inventions and banking. Gain through secrets and the occult and large animals. Worries and loss through enemies and
generally fortunate conditions.

Jupiter. Gain through educational affairs, short journeys, writings, music
etc. Losses through sickness; servants and animals. Well aspected gain through service, employees and small animals, pleasure or young people. Command over foreign language, a few brothers. Respected and comfortable old age.

Venus. Gain through women and hard work, benefit through industrious activity. Gain by partnership, collecting debts, and gain through the deceased. If afflicted losses and wants. Loss through partnerships etc. One will be licentious and sweet spoken.

Saturn. Disrespected, dishonest, devoid of progeny and if blessed gain through them. Gain through investments, pleasure and children. Gain through deals in land, property and estates. Interest in domestic science. If afflicted poor education, low type profession, diseased mother, long life, strained relations with elder brothers, weak eyesight and bad teeth, subject to throat disease.

Rahu or Ketu. Gain of money through unauthorised sources. A cruel and quarrelsome native Swelling in eyes. In latter part of life, there will be comforts and wealth. The native will feel happy but will not be respected.

Third House

Sun. Friendship among kindred and neighbors. Friends through writings and journeys. Wealthy, respected and fond of music, dance, drama etc. Number of brothers. Gain from maternal relations.

Moon. Respected, gain in honours and advancement through partner’s relatives. A native of brave and sanguine temperament, many enemies. Honours through short journeys, writings and accomplishment. An average financial condition, no gain from brothers. Gain through business trips and Governmental commission.

Mars. Lords of second and seventh houses is posited in third house. It denotes gain through education, writings brother, neighbours and short journeys, but enmity with some of the brothers or neighbours, brave and or rash temperament. Annoyed over triples, many enemies, difficulty through writings or contracts. Religious or legal disputes, troubles or short journeys. An average financial condition.

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