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Tula Lagna – Libra Ascendant

Mercury. Liberal or of unconventional ideas. Free living. Learned. Fond of opposite sex, takes pleasure in science, voyages, philosophy, airflights, foreign investments and speculations. Secret sorrows and difficulty through love. There can be loss through speculations also.

Jupiter. Respected, famous and wealthy, Pleasure journeys, mental pleasure through children but they will remain sick. Pleasure through brothers, reading, study accomplishments and travel to pleasure places. Illness due to over indulgence in pleasure and sports resulting in loss of accumulated wealth. Death of some nearest relative.

Venus. Wealthy and learned. Unfortunate children or death of some one, danger through excessive pleasures, speculations, sports and recreations.

Saturn. Middle part of life troublesome, not well educated, death of
child, worried life, defamed due to some accusation and eye trouble. But when aspected benefically reverse results.

Rahu or Ketu. Rahu frees the native from many troubles calamities and dangers. Favourable for children with land, life and are fortunate. The native gains some public employment or office and fond of pleasures.

Ketu in 5th house is not good. It may deny the native from any issue or may portend their destruction suddenly or violently and may become disobedient. Excessive or irregular pleasures produce much harm.

Sixth House

Sun. Brave and victory over enemies. Faithful servants and beneficial circumstances. Friends among working and army, navy or service people. Grief from parents, loss of ancestral property and through law suits.

Moon. Modest wordly position, gain and honour through service, employment, army or navy affairs. Many enemies, may be disreputed. May face worries and troubles upto middle of life and face debts.

Mars. Gain through inferiors, hygience and services. Marriage below status, has sickly wife and evily disposed employees. Strained relations with relatives. Loss of ancestral property. Weak stomach.
Mercury. Many enemies, troubles through employees, difficulty through work in foreign lands or in connection with exporting limitations on account of sickness.

Jupiter. Some servere illness, command over foreign languages. Difficulty through brothers, interest in study of social economy. Financial condition not sound, grief and worries from wife and children. Many enemies and losses through relatives and friends. If well aspected, reverse results are indicated.

Venus. Dangerous sickness, loss of money earned by employment and through those who may keep it. Licentious and adulterous. Many enemies and loss through women. Disease of wind etc. are indicated.

Saturn. Stomach trouble, diseased, disputes with relations, under debt, loss of agricultural land, disrespected. Loss of professions through sickness, servants and animals. When well aspected reverse results.

Rahu or Ketu. Worried or troubled through enemies but victory over
enemies, loss of property and respect through the Govt.; change of residence. A worried and troubled native.

Seventh House

Sun. A loving partner with desirable friendship and social connections, success in law suits. Respected, famous and wealthy. Blessed with land and property. Gain through brothers.

Moon. Gain through law suits and dealing with the public generally. Honours and reputation assisted by an honourable marriage and partnerships in responsible concerns. Connections with many women. Respect and gain through mother’s relations. Intelligent and learned. Travel in foreign country. Gain from Govt.; and business.

Mars. Marriage in a good family, gain by marriage, contract business and dealing with others, specially with women. Brave and courageous. Victory over enemies, success in law suits, a progressing partner, but likely one who grows cold or proves untrue or hostile. Brothers will be prosperous and gain of wealth and respect through them is also indicated.

Mercury. Learned and intelligent. Knowledge of many languages. Public enemies through religious, scientific or sea faring people. Marriage to a stranger be opposed to the native. Grief from wife in middle age. Troubles through deceit and treachery through unions, contracts, partnerships and law suits. Sickness, discord and opposition of partner, trouble through women generally.

Jupiter. Marriage as a result of journey, writing or with one of kin. Long life, generous and truthful. Average life up to middle age, under debt, worried, quarrels through servants difficulties with disreputed women and sickness. Troubles with employees. Last part of life will be comfortable. If afflicted reverse results.

Venus. A rich partner or one to whom money comes unexpectedly. Association with other women and fond of opposite sex. Generous, gain and comforts from conveyance. Favoured, respected. A jolly and submissive nature. A man of rank and powers. If afflicted loss and trouble through law, union and open enemies. Marital happiness, May there be death of partner, danger of death by violence, suicide, accident or war.

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