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Mesha Lagna – Aries Ascendant

1st house:
Sun. Sun in Aries ascendant is exalted. This makes the native wealthy, lucky, of honourable and good position in life. Bestows power to create conditions of dignity and honourable life. Wealthy and benefitted from children. Intelligent and learned. Changeable residence. He will overpower the opponents. In middle of life, there will be some loss and reversals in respect of wealth, profession or rank. Helpful to others. May suffer from bad blood circulation, palpitation and bile. If afflicted, benefit of power, authority and fluctuating finances. One faces ups and downs in life.

Moon. Moon will make the native very lucky, wealthy and of honourable positions. Learned, benefitted from children. More daughters than sons. In middle part of life, there will be some reversals. Foreign travel. Afflicted eyes, loss through relations and mother’s family. Influence of opposite sex on life.
Mars. A good administrator, wealthy, landlord and successful in life. Respected by Govt. and people. He will be advisor and a good orator. There will be some scar or wound in the body. Of rash temper, independent views, bold and courageous.
Mercury. Afflicted health, enemies, stone hearted and full of vices, a glutton, liar, quarrelsome but will be interested in occult sciences, astrology etc. Wife will not be so beautiful and will be of questionable character. Destroyer of ancestral property.
Jupiter. Respectful to preceptors and religious. Wealthy, learned, respected, intelligent, holds a good position in Govt., faithful, character will be above board. Dedicated to public and generous.
Venus. Blessed with conveyance, wealth and sweet spoken relations with opposite sex, more daughters, travelling and foreign travels. In middle life some reversals. Legal litigations in financial matters. Troubles in eyes.
Saturn. Saturn in Aries is debilitated will make life of the native miserable, unsuccessful in hopes, strained relations with wife, destroyer of ancestral property. Journeys, envious and will have strained relations with relatives. Saturn makes a native proud, unfaithful and gives opposition to mother.
Rahu and Ketu. When Rahu or Ketu are in the Ascendant Aries and are not associated with any malefic planet, one is blessed with respect, wealth rank in life and army. Brave and of commanding personality, conveyance and good luck will follow. But if conjoined or aspected by a malefic, reverse results will be experienced.
Second House
Sun. Sun is posited in Taurus and indicates that one will gain through investments, pleasure and children, the native’s children gain in possessions which they enjoy. If Sun is afflicted, his possessions are lost in speculations, pleasure and through young people.
Moon. Sweet and soft spoken, gains by deals in property and land. Knowledge of foreign languages. Successful in business and other fine arts through journeys.
Mars. Mars is lord of Ascendant and 8th house when posited in second house indicates severe illness or death in childhood, if survives then long life. Disrespect and ill fame. Benefits through industrious efforts. Gain through the dead. If afflicted losses and troubles in life.
Mercury. Gain through educations, short journeys, writings music etc. Also gain through service, employees and small animals. When afflicted loss through Govt. and enemies in middle of Life. Troubles with kindred over money matters. Losses through sickness, servants and animals.
Jupiter. Gain through foreign trade, science, learning, publication, travel, invention or banking. Social with all, respected, religious, and devoted to one’s country. Also gain through secret mission and occult. If afflicted, loss of money through enemies and generally unfortunate conditions.

Venus. Gain through personal ingenuity and industry and by marriage. One will be a good orator. If afflicted, loss through partnership, contracts, law suits, women, death of wife or partner.
Saturn. Gain through industry, trade, profession of Govt., offices. Also gain through friends and acquaintances, through legislative interests or development through his own creations. If afflicted losses through above.
Rahu. One will be dubious and insincere in speech, tender hearted, gain through sovereign, wrathful and happy. Disease in mouth or face.
Ketu. Vile speech sinister look, devoid of learning and riches. He will normally be eating at other’s tables.
Third House
Sun. Interest for travels, sports, drama and adventure, pleasure through kindred and gain through journeys with children or young people. Blessed with brothers and relations. Respected, lucky, authority in Govt. In Middle of life, strained relations with father. If afflicted reverse results.
Moon. Gain through brothers, blessed with wealth, respect and lucky. Fond of music and amusements. If afflicted reverse results.
Mars. Mental development, short journeys, gain through brothers and kindred. Delayed opportunities. Psychic and mysterious experiences. If afflicted death of brother, loss through short journeys etc.
Mercury. Interest in studies and industrial economy. Gain through education, writings, short journeys and brothers. If afflicted reverse results.
Jupiter. Learning gain and progress through research, travel, investigation, exploration or writings. Occult learnings. If afflicted loss, troubles through relations, friends or neighbors loss through short journeys and writing etc.
Venus. Marriage in relations or neighbours, gain from wife, gain through educations writings, short journeys, When afflicted loss through above. Legal or religious disputes and enmity with brothers or neighbours.
Saturn. Respected, gain through partner’s relations, short journeys, questionable character, Profit from business, writing, Govt. and honours. Friendship with neighbours and others through writings and journeys, When afflicted reverse results.
Rahu. Proud, hostile to brothers strong Willed, long lived and wealthy.
Ketu. Long life, strength, wealth and fame. One will live happily with his wife and eat good food. He may lose a brother.
Fourth House
Sun. Gain through property, conveyance, parents and love for home. Native’s children will gain through gifts. Till end of life, one will command respect and authority. Lucky mother, if afflicted reverse results.
Moon. Gain of property and through old people and antiquities, assistance of parents, profit and gain at birth place. Good conveyance, famous and wealthy. If weak or afflicted, reverse results.
Mars. One will have medium age, gain through lands, mines, inheritance, and possession, home connections and affairs with the father. Success late in life. Occult investigations, gain through dead and from abroad. If afflicted danger through falls, flood and storms. Trouble over inheritance, land and property.
Mercury. Soft and sweet spoken, intelligent, learned and artful. Respect, name and authority. Blessed with conveyance, property and wealth. If afflicted, reverse results.
Jupiter. Lucky like a king, wealthy, famous, respected due to business, trade or other position. Builder of charitable institutions, religious place, and other works connected with public welfare. If afflicted, secret sufferings, loss through father and above sources.
Venus. Property by marriage, chaste partner, happy wedded life, gain through parents, land, mines and house hold goods. When afflicted loss through above pursuits. Litigation over property. May there be two marriages.
Saturn. Gain and honours through parents, land and property. Success at close of life. Interested in reclamation, colonization, cooperative movements, horticulture, mining, architecture or Archaeology. Fortunate in property and love for father. If afflicted reverse results.
Rahu. One will have friends, happy, medium life, not intelligent and will cause sorrows.
Ketu. One will lose his land, property, happiness and conveyance. Residence in foreign land, strained relations with wife.

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