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Mesha Lagna – Aries Ascendant

Fifth House
Sun. One will be lucky, wealthy and much pleasure. Love affairs and much adventures, speculations and investment prosperous children and pleasure through them. One will get rank and respect in youth and wealth in old age. If Sun is afflicted, reverse results are denoted.
Moon. Gain and pleasure through father’s good fortune; possessions descend to children. In childhood, one will be diseased and worried. Self made man. If Moon is afflicted or weak, reverse results will be experienced.

Mars. Delight in pleasure, amusements, sports, speculations and children and success through them. When Mars is afflicted, the children will be unfortunate, danger through excessive pleasure, speculation, children and their affairs.
Mercury. Pleasureable journeys, mental pleasure through children, brothers, reading study, accomplishments and travels to pleasure resorts. If afflicted loss through the above
Jupiter. Liberal or unconventional views in regard to union. Free living, pleasure through journeys, Gain from travel, philosophy, air flights, sports, foreign investments and speculations. If afflicted secret sorrows through children, sports, love, speculations and journeys etc.
Venus. Gain by investment, speculation, pleasure, entertainment. Pleasure through wife. Loss through speculations, enmity with children if Venus is afflicted.
Saturn. Gain and honour through speculations, children will rise to honour but suffer from sickness. Also gain through children, friends and beneficial circumstances. If afflicted reverse results.
Rahu. The native will have troubles through travels, from Govt.; one may be childless, hard hearted and suffers from belly ache.
Ketu. One will lose children through death or abortion.
Stomach diseases, will be evil minded and wicked.
Sixth House
Sun. Gain through careful speculations or by children’s earnings. Pleasure by hygienic methods, pets and hobbies. Grief from progney, loss of respect in middle of life, otherwise wealthy, respected and blessed with property. May reside in foreign land due to some compelling circumstances.
Moon. Gain through service, servants and small animals. Will build his own house. May have grief in youth due to death of parents. If Moon is weak and afflicted less gain through them. Loss through opponents.
Mars. Gain through servants, employees, fond of pets, small animals etc. If afflicted loss through above, operation and injury on head.
Mercury. Interest in study and methods of healing or social economy. Good health, success with employees, poultry, medicine, healing or social service. If afflicted severe illness, or injury during journey and difficulties through brother.
Jupiter. One is born with silver spoon in a respectable family. Wealthy, blessed with property, good rank and service. Death of elders in the family. Many enemies. Will be under debt in middle of life. Last part of life will be comfortable. If afflicted then sickness through travelling, difficulty in work in foreign land, or in connection with export etc.
Venus. The native will marry to a lady below his status mentally or socially, has sickly and evily disposed employees but gain through them. When afflicted reverse results and loss through sickness.
Saturn. Modest worldly position, gain and honour through service, and employment. Gain from friends among navy, air force, army or working class. Faithful servants and interest in social welfare. If afflicted reverse results will be indicated.
Rahu. Troubles through enemies, servants and employees. Wealthy and long lived. He will suffer from disease in the anus.
Ketu. Very magnanimous and have best qualities. He will attain everlasting fame, firmness and high authority Realised hopes and victory over enemies.
Seventh House
Sun. Pleasure, close association or understanding with partner, but discord with children. Loss by theft and partnership. Wicked, arrogant, fond of travel. If afflicted trouble and loss through love affairs. Debilitated Sun or if afflicted may deny or delay marriage. If married, divorce, separation or bickerings in married life.
Moon. Gain through marriage, land and women generally. No permanent profession, may cause plural marriage. If Moon is weak or afflicted, loss through above.
Mars. A rich partner or one to whom money comes unexpectedly. Partnership with others. Fond of opposite sex. If afflicted, troubles in financial matters, death of partner, danger of death by violence, suicide, accident or war. Loss and trouble through law, union and open enemies. Material unhappiness.
Mercury. Marriage as a result or journey, writing or with relation. Skilled in many arts. Fickle minded and will have no respect for his words. If afflicted, law suits with servants, difficulties with disreputable women and sickness. Unfortunate union, and danger of robbery while travelling.
Jupiter. Marriage to a stranger of education refinement whose relations will be opposed to the native. Wise, tactful, learned and brave. Gain through marriage, travels, partnership and contracts. If afflicted troubles through deceit and treachery concerning unions, law suit, marriage, partnership, contracts etc. Troubles through women generally and public enemies.
Venus. Gain by marriage, contracts, business and dealing with others especially with women. Success in law suits, marriage in good family, the partner may prove cold, untrue or hostile. It afflicted troubles in unions and through open enemies, competition and theft.
Saturn. Gain through law suits and dealing with public generally. Honour and reputation assisted by honourable marriage and partnership in responsible concern. The partner will be loving with desirable friendship and social connections. Success in law suits. Delayed marriage, exalted in 7th house.

Rahu. Loss of wealth through intrigues with women, suffers separation from his beloved, loses his manhood, influence of opposite sex and becomes self willed.
Ketu. One will suffer in self respect, company of bad women, afflicted with bowels disease, loss of wife and of power of virility. Delayed marriage.
Eighth House
Sun. Suffers through children, death of children before the native. Loss through speculations etc. Strained relations with father. Loss of power and authority.
Moon. Gain by legacy or estate when weak or afflicted, death of father, danger to mother during confinement and loss of inherited property.
Mars. Danger of death through assassination, through enemies in youth. Skilled in many arts. No permanent residence and profession. Occult experiences. Danger from fire, wound, reptile or animals. Gain by dead by legacy. A comfortably fixed partner. Spiritualistic experiences. If afflicted disappointment over legacy, troubles in financial matters, operations and wounds. Danger to husband for his longevity. Mars is in own sign.
Mercury. Sickness and troubled life. Journeys on account of troubles, false accusations or trouble on account of death or bequests. Financial reward for faithful service. Troubles in service etc.
Jupiter. Gain by long journeys concerning legacies or dead etc. Psychic experiences. Secret enemies, many misfortunes, death of secret enemies. Trouble over inheritance. Unsatisfactory end. Persecution regarding religious, scientific or educational convictions also through publications.
Venus. Gain by legacy and goods of the dead through money of the partner. Gain of money or property by marriage. Death of partner, difficulty in inheritance. If afflicted loss of money through marriage and partnership. Trouble in financial matters.
Saturn. Gain by honours in handling the estate and money of others, also through law suits, legacies, inheritance, insurance, etc. of the dead. Gift of legacies from friends and relations. An easy end. Death of friend.
Rahu. Short life, wicked deeds, disease of wind and limited issues. Defective limb.
Ketu. Short life, sinful actions, quarrelsome, injury from weapon and disappointment. Separation of dear ones.
Ninth House
Sun. One will be blessed with wealth, rank and authority. Kingly status in life. Dutiful children who will be lucky, pleasure in foreign land, long travels. Charitable and religious, gain from children, the children may become preacher, scientists or explorer. If afflicted reverse results.
Moon. Gain through science, religion, long journeys and wife’s relatives. Long gainful travels. Good conveyance. If weak or afflicted loss in foreign land and reverse results than above.
Mars. Long journeys, religious, or psychic experiences, linking for science, invention law, philosophy and all matters of higher mind. Prophetic dreams or visions. Gain through partners’ relations and, of dead. Spiritual experiences. If afflicted, troubles with foreigners and religious, legal or educational affairs. Troubled or dangerous voyages.
Mercury. Long journey, gain through publication, science or religion, foreign journey and marriage. Work in connection with foreign affairs or universities. Intelligent and learned. Gain through service and brothers. A comfortable and joyous life. If afflicted, sickness abroad, and also of wife’s relations, danger through over study and reverse results than above.
Jupiter. Travelling for education, scientific or for religious purposes in foreign country. Prophetic dreams, many fine qualities. Gain through culture and development. Secret mission, investigation, publications or secluded research, sacrifice for science or religion. If afflicted shipwreck or air crash, difficulties with relations, men of science and religion etc. Providential help in case of difficulty if one is religious.
Venus. Marriage to stranger from far off place, gain by wife’s relations and inlaws. Partner’s journey to foreign land. Gain through books, sea trading, long journeys, philosophy, religion and science etc. If afflicted loss through above.
Saturn. Honourable voyages, professional journeys, honour through learnings, writing, publishing, research or philosophy. One
will not care for any body. Knowledge of foreign languages. Regains all the lost property, last part of life will be lucky,
friendship through travel and learning. Friends through educated, ministers, writers, explorers or inventors. If afflicted, reverse
Rahu. One will speak opposingly, head of family, village or mayor of city and do wicked deeds.
Ketu. Sinful actions, deprived of his father, unlucky, long journeys, indigent and will slander the good.
Tenth House
Sun. Renowned and wealthy. Gain in speculation, honourable children, gain in business or in theatrical world. Pleasure and honour through wife, father-in-law or own father. If afflicted, then reverse results.
Moon. Gain through possessions, trade, profession, public or Govt.; work or by fruits of the earth. Kingly life, landed property and good conveyance. Determined, brave and native of foresight. Fond of opposite sex and favour through women. If afflicted, loss and reverse results through the above.
Mars. It is exalted here. Merit, honour and success. Rise to high social and professional position. Gain of inheritance, power and authority. Well versed with working of machinery, ammunitions, fond of opposite sex and favour through women. Learned and interested in poetry. When Mars is afflicted, one will earn displeasure of superiors or Govt.; dishonour, humiliations, loss of parents or trouble through them. Danger of violent death through Govt.; order or war.
Mercury. Professional or honourable journeys and gain through them. Honour and renown through writings and other accomplishments. Journeys with mother. Honour through service or national activities. If afflicted, then dishonour, sorrows, and mental anguish through brothers and losses through above.
Jupiter. Honour, credit, high position, rank and authority. Gain and honour through science, literature or travel. Success in foreign land and affairs. Many friends and gain through them. Success in hopes and wishes. If afflicted reverse results like disgrace, loss from superiors, troubles in long journeys etc.
Venus. An honourable partner beneficial to the professional career. Gain by occupation, profession, merchandising, Govt.; and in-laws. If afflicted, financial loss through employer, rivals, employment. Public disgrace or scandal through a union or enemy.
Saturn. Gain and honour through profession, and Govt.; successful hopes and efforts. Friends among high positioned persons and gain through them who are of high standing in social circle and Govt.; If afflicted reverse results.
Rahu. Famous, limited issues, fearless, wicked deeds and will engage himself in other’s business.
Ketu. Obstacles in life, vile acts, energetic, bold and widely renowned.
Eleventh House
Sun. One will have good position, respect and will be generous and charitable. Promotions, authority and rank in life. Gain from children, Govt.; and property. Successful in hopes and wishes. Profit through speculations, or pleasure among legislators, ambassadors and sportsmen. If afflicted, reverse the results.
Moon. Blessed with comforts, conveyance and property.
Wealthy, respected, gain from children and business. Successful hopes, gain through friends, old age will be comfortable. If weak or afflicted, reverse the results.
Mars. Large circle of friends and gains through them, much pleasure in life. Hopes and wishes often attained. Gain through profession, Govt.; employer and well wishers. Gain in legacies and through friends. If afflicted, reverse results.
Mercury. Gain through journeys and brothers. Hopes and wishes are fulfilled. Gain from studies. Interest and gain from legislative activities, political and social welfare. When afflicted, reverse results.
Jupiter. Fortunate friendships on voyages and gain through foreign lands and foreign friends. Acquaintances among relatives, travellers, scientists and legislators. If afflicted, then one will face troubles, disappointments and obstacles. Deceitful friends and losses through them.
Venus. Gain through friends. Accidental fortunes. Two wives or marriage with widows. If afflicted, troubles with wife and friends and loss though them.
Saturn. Success in ambitions. Eminent friends among legislators, persons of authority and professional positions. Helpful to others, many friends among radical people and gains through them. If afflicted, reverse results.
Rahu. The native will be prosperous, limited children, long lived and may suffer from ear disease.
Ketu. One will hoard money through illegal means, good qualities, will enjoy himself well. Will command all facilities. Successful in hopes and wishes.
Twelfth House
Sun. Pleasure and gain through investigation, of mysterious things and research nature. Secret sorrows through children. Speculation can cause ruin. If afflicted danger or imprisonment. Loss through Govt.
Moon. Afflicted health due to long journey by parents. Sorrows, end of life in seclusion or devoted to the study of occult subjects.
Mars. Gain through occult affairs and secret missions. Success in middle life. Difficulty over inheritance, great sorrows, anxiety concerning death or imprisonment. It afflicted, death or imprisonment through enemies.
Secret unhappiness, suffering and misfortune.
Mercury. Occult learning, work of secret nature in C.I.D. or C.B.I. etc., Interest in archaeology or submarine life. If afflicted, danger of imprisonment through travelling. Secret sorrows, sickness, enmities, suffering and misfortune etc.
Jupiter. Occult abilities, powerless enemies, secret investigations, fond of animals, limitations, troubles and obstacles prove to be blessings in disguise by developing inner growth and understanding. If afflicted, difficulty and sorrow through religion, science and journeys. If writer or inventor, then difficulty in the completion of job. In middle or latter part of life seeks seclusion for development, occult learning etc.
Venus. Unhappy marriage, secret sorrows, jealously, sickness. Partner or opponents cause imprisonment or fear of it or danger of death at their hands. Gain through secret mission, hospitals sanitorium, occult science or large animals. If afflicted, may deny marriage.
Saturn. Loss of office or honour, dignity, etc., through business associates who becomes secret enemies. Unfortunate conditions. Deceitful friends and loss through them. Difficulty in employment. Pleasure in peaceful, quite harmonious or secluded places. Good friendship among occult people. Sorrowful friends if Saturn is afflicted and losses through the above.
Rahu. The native will do sinful acts secretly, will spend much and will suffer from a water-disease.
Ketu. Spend money on vile acts, sinful deeds, will destroy wealth, of questionable character and will suffer from eye disease.

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