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Kumbha Lagna – Aquarius Ascendant

Mars. Gain through learnings, short journeys, writings and brothers. Gain in honour and advancement through partner’s relatives. Respected among relations and neighbours. Honours through short journeys, writings and accomplishments, business trips, Govt. commission etc. Many brothers and the native will be under the influence of opposite sex.

Mercury. Pleasure through children and relations. Liking for travels, sports, drama and adventure. Psychic and mysterious experiences. Early age will be comfortable, pain in the ears. Unhappy in old age. Investigation about death and the continuity of life. Strained relations with brothers but gain form a few. Will leave the house at the age 10 or 12 years. May become victim of bronchitis or impotency. If afflicted or combust, reverse than good.

Jupiter. Friends and gain through writings and journeys and friendship through relations and neighbours. Also gain through education, brothers, writings, neighbours and short journeys. The native will be learned and intelligent. Wealthy and comfortable life, respected and famous and will have successful hopes. If afflicted, losses and reverse results.

Venus. Comforts from relations, good health and wealthy.
Many brothers and sisters and fond of music and dance. Learnings, accomplishment, progress through travel, investigations, explorations, travel or writings. If afflicted, reverse results will be experienced by the native.

Saturn. Mental development, short journeys, happy relations with brothers and relatives. Opportunities delayed. Obstinate, ups and downs in life, religious instinct. As Saturn is lord of 12th house posited in 3rd house it will give some disappointments and sorrows. Occult learnings.

Rahu. Spiritual up-lift and advancement in quality to the mentality and educational matters. Gain through brothers neighbours, journeys, writings and publishing. One has fixity of purpose, proud, courageous, intelligent, optimistic and valorous, Profitable business, attains good fortune and longlived.

Ketu. Mental anxiety, obstinate, less comforts from brothers and unprofitable journeys. The native will be intelligent, courageous and destroyer of enemies. Good for finances, loss of brothers is indicated. Long life but injury and wound to arm is indicated.

Fourth House

Sun. Gain by marriage, a good partner, happy end of married life. Gain through maternal relations. Learned, famous and man of power and authority. Grief of children in middle age. Many opponents and enemies. Gain through other’s property and conveyance.

Moon. Devoid from benefits through parents. Sickness of parents through changes and worries. Troublesome home or domestic affairs and troubles through servants.

Mars. Travelling and writing in connection with home affairs and property. Gain and honour through parents, land and property. Success and comforts in old age. Interest in reclamation, colonization, co-operative movements, horticulture, mining, architecture and archaeology. If afflicted, reverse results.

Mercury. Intelligent, learned and famous. Blessed with wealth and property. Gain through parents in latter part of life and from children. Love of home. Gain through the property of the dead, death at home. In case Mercury is conjucted with Venus then the death will take place abroad. If combust, weak or afflicted then death of parents, danger through fall of buildings, flood and storms. Trouble over inheritance, land and property.

Jupiter. Famous, respected, and intelligent. A man of power, authority and rank. Knowledge of law. Comforts and gain from fortunate children. All comforts of life. Gain through land, mines or household goods also through parents. Fortunate in property. Love for father and inheritance through friends. a kingly status in life.

Venus. A yogakaraka planet for Aquarius Lagna posited in own house. Gain in property, land and conveyance. Intelligent, learned and blessed with land and orchards. Fond of opposite sex. Gain and pleasure through women. Gain in property and through old people and antiquities. Assistance of father and benefit at birth place. Scientific inheritance, gain and profit through partner’s relations. Journeys home to die. If afflicted, then adverse results.

Saturn. Troubles through father or mother-in-law, Secret sufferings and sorrows. Restrictions and limitations at end of life. Gain through mines, land, inheritance, occult investigations. May cause, if afflicted, early death of parents, worried, no gain of property. Loss through opponents and enemies. Disrepute on account of women. Worried due to debts of father.

Rahu. Unexpected gain and also through property. Fortunate in discovery or in findings. Blessed with life. Trustworthy. No happiness from brothers and sisters, hard hearted, deceptive and worried Stomach disease. Gain from Govt.

Ketu. Loss through land and buildings. Family troubles, may be devoid from parental property, many secret enemies, loss, difficulties and troubles through them. Many unproductive journeys. If Ketu is exalted and well-aspected, all 4th house matters will be benefitted.

Fifth House

Sun. Learned, famous and a native of authority. Pleasure through wife. The relations with children will be strained and grief through them during middle age. Loss by speculation or gambling.

Moon. Diseased children, sickness and ill health due to over indulgence of pleasure and sports. Financial condition will not be good. Devoid from worldly comforts. Death or grief of children. Less comforts from parents.

Mars. Pleasure through children, journey, brothers, reading study and travel to pleasure resorts. The children will remain sick but rise to honour. Gain through speculations, young people, sports or stage. If afflicted, death of young son and reverse results.

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