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Kanya Lagna – Virgo Ascendant

First House

Sun. Sun 12th lord in Virgo in Lagna indicates that native will be fond of music, painting and poetry. Respected by rulers, being learned and intelligent when strongly aspected by Jupiter. Devoid from the comforts of father in early age. Loss of ancestral property. If Saturn aspected Virgo Lagna, it will make one lazy and easy going, make changes in your environments and you will form new associations and friendships. Secret sorrows. Gain through occult.

Moon. A joyous nature, short life subject to other checks. Not so well respected, more daughters, unsuccessful hopes and desires. Diseases of windy nature and cough are indicated. Good and sincere friends and gain. Victory over enemies, fortunate actions and successful hopes.

Mars. Comforts from wife and friends. A learned, intelligent, clever and brave guy. Worried and troubles from opponents and enemies. Will be subject to disrepute, disputes with officers and relations. Selfish and self conceited nature. Fond of music, dance and pleasure of life. Gain respect in business. Medium length of life. A good progeny and helpful to others. Gain through writings and learnings.

Mercury. Wealthy and respected. Learned and blessed with long life. Will attain rank and authority till middle age. A kind hearted life. Good health. Honour through merits, success through industrious efforts. Gain through mother and Govt.; Reverse results if afflicted.

Jupiter. Gradual rise in life, Comforts from wife and progney. Respected, generous, skilled and endowed with wealth. A good hospitable and expenditure on ill health. Fond of scents and pleasureable life. An average life. Gain from land, property, inherited property, love of women and benefit through them, partnership. Public enemies.

Venus. Wealth, comforts from ladies. Popular everywhere, endowed with conveyance and property, but inspite of all worried and troubled. Defects in eyesight, gradual downfall in life, unhappy old age, loss of money in youth will be recovered in old age. Long journeys, learning, wisdom, fortune with strangers, Foreigners, wife’s relations and voyages. Interest in science, law, inventions and philosophy.

Saturn. In friend’s house, lucky and well respected, well wishers of all, gainful for brothers, worried in middle part of life, long lived. More careful for self respect. Immovable property and land, well respected by Govt; and superiors. If Saturn is retrograde or weak, then reverse results will be enjoyed by the native. Many love affairs.

Rahu or Ketu. Average financial set up. Many enemies, may there be a loss of any limb, loss of property and diseased.

Second House

Sun. Sun is in debilitated sign in second house of finance. It indicates, over spending, under debt, troubled and worried native Disputes in family. Early life troublesome due to parents, defective eyesight. Loss of wealth in vices. Gain through secrecy, occult and animals, if aspected well.

Moon. Wealthy in middle age. Troubled eye. A big family, more daughters, gain from business and trade. Gain through friends, own hard work or legislative interest.

Mars. Clever and critics. Under debt, loss of property due to vice habits, troubles and worries in life. Money through educational affairs, Journeys and writings. Fortunate. If afflicted reverse results.

Mercury. Learned and intelligent, soft spoken, gain from education and blessed with wealth and comfortable life. Cautious for his respect. Gain from his business. Gain by industry, trade, profession of Govt., offices. If afflicted and combust losses and wants and reverse results.
Jupiter. Learned and well skilled but will be disrespected. Relations with many women. As average financial status and will be
under debt. Gain by marriage, land, property and estate.

Venus. Lucky and wealthy. A comfortable life respected and gain through elders. Two mothers. Gain from business and trade
from foreign merchants, learning, publications, travel or banking.
Saturn. Worried and unlucky, devoid of mother’s comforts and affection. Short life, unlucky in early part of life, but lucky and wealthy in last part of life. Gain through children and investment. Loss through servants.

Rahu or Ketu. Troubles and worries, litigations and loss, Death of parents in middle of life, residence in foreign country. Victory over enemies. Loss of wealth in disputes and litigations.
Third House

Sun. Gain in foreign land, lucky for brothers and victory over enemies. But he will suffer from his brothers and sorrows. Troubled journeys. Occult science.

Moon. Early life will be troublesome, less comforts from brothers. Gain due to sisters. A comfortable and pleasureable life. Will face happiness and unhappiness alternatively. Friendship through kindred, neighbours and gain.

Mars. Adulterous and licentious. Loss of wealth and ancestral property through women and bad habits. Brave and good relations with brothers. Victory over enemies. Affliction of chest and heart is indicated. Gain through learnings, writings, short journeys and brothers. Psychic and mysterious experiences.

Mercury. Troubles and worries and middle age, no comforts from brothers, loss through litigations, Inspite of the fact that native may be a lawyer or have a command over law yet he will suffer and bear loss in litigations. When afflicted. Otherwise respect, gain, honour and advancement through wife’s relations, short journeys, writing etc.

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