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Cancer or Karka

Looks: People born under this Moon ruled water sign are of medium height, healthy looking and have a round face and large eyes. The complexion is usually fair. Normally they have a thick waist line and the hands and feet are large.

Nature: They are emotional, sensitive and sentimental by nature. They are great home lovers and feel comfortable in familiar surroundings. They love tradition, history and art and normally religious by nature. They love greenery and watery places. Like the changing Moon they are moody by nature. They invariably love good food and beautiful surroundings. When in a good mood they can be very humorous and are very good company. However, a Cancerian in a foul gloomy mood is the worst company you can ask for. Another thing they love and understand instinctively is finance. They usually love their mother and get along well with her.

Profession and finance: Any job to do with finance and investments fits the cancerian like a glove. The profession related to trade, commerce, education, sea, water works, navy, textiles and apparels also suite them very well. They usually do very well financially and rarely waste their money.

Love and domestic life: The Cancerians are romantic by nature and make very good steady partners. They are very good providers and their house is normally very well kept and fully equipped with all the basic necessities. They are very loving husbands who believe in a lasting relationship and as parents they are very caring and attached to their children. Cancerians are attracted to and get along well with people born in the signs Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces and Taurus.

Health: Stomach is the most sensitive part of a Cancerian and they are very prone to stomach disorders. They usually tend to put on weight and suffer from BP problems.
Lucky days: Monday and Thursday
Lucky numbers: 2, 7 and 9
Lucky colors: White, Red and Yellow

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