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The Yoga of the Vision of the Cosmic Form

14. Then, Arjuna, filled with wonder and with hair standing on end, bowed down his head to the Lord and spoke with joined palms.

Arjuna Uvaacha:

Pashyaami devaamstava deva dehe
    Sarvaamstathaa bhootavisheshasanghaan;
Brahmaanameesham kamalaasanastha-
    Mrisheemshcha sarvaanuragaamshcha divyaan.

Arjuna said:

15. I behold all the gods, O God, in Thy body, and hosts of various classes of beings; Brahma, the Lord, seated on the lotus, all the sages and the celestial serpents!

    Pashyaami twaam sarvato’nantaroopam;
Naantam na madhyam na punastavaadim
    Pashyaami vishweshwara vishwaroopa.

16. I see Thee of boundless form on every side, with many arms, stomachs, mouths and eyes; neither the end nor the middle nor also the beginning do I see, O Lord of the universe, O Cosmic Form!

Kireetinam gadinam chakrinam cha,
    Tejoraashim sarvato deeptimantam;
Pashyaami twaam durnireekshyam samantaad

17. I see Thee with the diadem, the club and the discus, a mass of radiance shining everywhere, very hard to look at, blazing all round like burning fire and the sun, and immeasurable.

Twamaksharam paramam veditavyam
    Twamasya vishwasya param nidhaanam;
Twamavyayah shaashwatadharmagoptaa
    Sanaatanastwam purusho mato me.

18. Thou art the Imperishable, the Supreme Being, worthy of being known; Thou art the great treasure-house of this universe; Thou art the imperishable protector of the eternal Dharma; Thou art the ancient Person, I deem.

    Anantabaahum shashisooryanetram;
Pashyaami twaam deeptahutaashavaktram
    Swatejasaa vishwamidam tapantam.

19. I see Thee without beginning, middle or end, infinite in power, of endless arms, the sun and the moon being Thy eyes, the burning fire Thy mouth, heating the entire universe with Thy radiance.

Dyaavaaprithivyoridamantaram hi
    Vyaaptam twayaikena dishashcha sarvaah;
Drishtwaa’dbhutam roopamugram tavedam
    Lokatrayam pravyathitam mahaatman.

20. The space between the earth and the heaven and all the quarters are filled by Thee alone; having seen this, Thy wonderful and terrible form, the three worlds are trembling with fear, O great-souled Being!

Amee hi twaam surasanghaah vishanti
    Kechid bheetaah praanjalayo grinanti;
Swasteetyuktwaa maharshisiddhasanghaah
    Stuvanti twaam stutibhih pushkalaabhih.

21. Verily, into Thee enter these hosts of gods; some extol Thee in fear with joined palms: “May it be well.” Saying thus, bands of great sages and perfected ones praise Thee with complete hymns.

Rudraadityaa vasavo ye cha saadhyaa
    Vishwe’shvinau marutashchoshmapaashcha;
    Veekshante twaam vismitaashchaiva sarve.

22. The Rudras, Adityas, Vasus, Sadhyas, Visvedevas, the two Asvins, Maruts, the manes and hosts of celestial singers, Yakshas, demons and the perfected ones, are all looking at Thee in great astonishment.

Roopam mahat te bahuvaktranetram
    Mahaabaaho bahubaahoorupaadam;
Bahoodaram bahudamshtraakaraalam
    Drishtwaa lokaah pravyathitaastathaa’ham.

23. Having beheld Thy immeasurable form with many mouths and eyes, O mighty-armed, with many arms, thighs and feet, with many stomachs, and fearful with many teeth, the worlds are terrified and so am I!

Nabhahsprisham deeptamanekavarnam
    Vyaattaananam deeptavishaalanetram;
Drishtwaa hi twaam pravyathitaantaraatmaa
    Dhritim na vindaami shamam cha vishno.

24. On seeing Thee (the Cosmic Form) touching the sky, shining in many colours, with mouths wide open, with large, fiery eyes, I am terrified at heart and find neither courage nor peace, O Vishnu!

Damshtraakaraalaani cha te mukhaani
    Drishtwaiva kaalaanalasannibhaani;
Disho na jaane na labhe cha sharma
    Praseeda devesha jagannivaasa.

25. Having seen Thy mouths, fearful with teeth, blazing like the fires of cosmic dissolution, I know not the four quarters, nor do I find peace. Have mercy, O Lord of the gods! O abode of the universe!

Amee cha twaam dhritaraashtrasya putraah
    Sarve sahaivaavanipaalasanghaih;
Bheeshmo dronah sootaputrastathaa’sau
    Sahaasmadeeyairapi yodhamukhyaih.

26. All the sons of Dhritarashtra with the hosts of kings of the earth, Bhishma, Drona and Karna, with the chief among all our warriors,

Vaktraani te twaramaanaa vishanti
    Damshtraakaraalaani bhayaanakaani;
Kechidwilagnaa dashanaantareshu
    Sandrishyante choornitairuttamaangaih.

27. They hurriedly enter into Thy mouths with terrible teeth and fearful to behold. Some are found sticking in the gaps between the teeth, with their heads crushed to powder.

Yathaa nadeenaam bahavo’mbuvegaah
    Samudramevaabhimukhaah dravanti;
Tathaa tavaamee naralokaveeraah
    Vishanti vaktraanyabhivijwalanti.

28. Verily, just as many torrents of rivers flow towards the ocean, even so these heroes of the world of men enter Thy flaming mouths.

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