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Match horoscopes 1 with 2 (you can send both the desired partners charts 1st time or one now and another later)

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INR 1,650.00




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For ages the Vedic astrologers have guided people in selecting the right partner. Some call it marriage matching, some call it horoscope matching, patri matching, guna milap, Koota matching (astha Koota matching in North India and Dasa Koota matching in South India) etc. Essentially it is the same – two birth chats are matched to check the level of compatibility between the boy and the girl. The compatibility of the planets in the charts is one of the main keys to a lasting and happy marriage. Astrological matching is one of the reasons why the Indian marriages last longer as compared to the western marriages.

By doing a detailed matching of the boy and girl and also by studying and matching the lagna, rasi, Navamsa charts, the Koota points matching, Mangala dosha, we will advise you regarding the compatibility. The report will include: The Koota matching total score, Mangala Dosha (Kuja Dosham), the overall compatibility and our advise on whether the match is suitable or not plus the suggested remedies.

Note: We follow the South Indian Dasa Koota system which is better.

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