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Improve and Save your marriage

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Marriage counseling

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Marital discords and dissatisfaction are driving people to courts. The modern fast paced life has destroyed the traditional Indian balanced home. Even if there is no divorce, life looks gloomy with misunderstandings and stagnant without any love or affection. Millions are asking the same question – “Is there a way to improve and save our marriage”?

By analysing the Birth charts and Navamsa charts, the strengths and weaknesses of your planets, the dasas, transits and your compatibility, we will advise, along with remedial measures, the ways and means of improving your marriage. Marriage counseling based on astrological study is a very good guide to save your marriage and relationships.

Provide the date, time and place of birth details of yourself and your spouse. Also provide additional data like marriage date, children, date the trouble started and the reasons etc.

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