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All the Rajayogas in your horoscope

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The famous Rishis like Parashara, Varahamihira, Jaimini, Garga and Bhrigu etc. who wrote the Shastras of Jyotishya, have given many planetary combinations that give rise to Rajayogas, Dhana yogas etc. in a horoscope.

These Rajayogas are the ones which give power, position, wealth and fame. The PMs & the Presidents, the CEOs & the MDs, The GMs & the glob-trotting hi-fliers, the rich & the famous who wonder in which car they should travel on the day, are what they are because of these rajayogas.

We will tell you the Rajayogas present in your chart as per the authentic Sashtras of Vedic astrology. What is more we will tell you the Vimshottari Dasa and Antardasa periods when these Rajayogas are in operation.
Along with the report, you will also get the remedial measures – if there are any negative planetary influences which are spoiling the good effects.

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