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Sriyantra Mahameru

  • Panchadhatu Sriyantra Mahameru

    Worshiping a Sriyantra Mahameru made of the coveted traditional pancha dhatus (5 metals) is considered the most auspicious one for prosperity, peace of mind,vastu dosha removal, protection from evil spirits, and spiritual progress. The pancha dhatus are pure 24 Carat Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc and Nickel. The above Sriyantra Mahameru

    INR 14,256.00

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  • Sriyantra Mahameru Large

    Shree Yantra large Base area - 384mm x 384mm Total height - 256.50mm Height with base - 296.50mm Weight- Approximately 4,500 grams. Volume weight 32 kg.

    INR 162,360.00

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  • Sriyantra Mahameru Medium

    Shree Yantra Mahameru Medium size BBase area – 170.70mm x 170.70mm appx. Total height – 114mm Height with base – 134mm Weight- Approximately 900 grams. Volume weight 4.00 kg

    INR 32,000.00

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