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Your Basic Life

  • Basic life and Predictions

    This will give you an overview of of the strengths and weaknesses of your horoscope and what life has in store for you in the various important aspects of life. The predictions will cover the following aspects of your life: health, finance, family, career, romance and marriage and children. Your

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  • Basic life and Predictions for your Entire Family

    Before ordering you must know who will give these forecasts and how you will get it and when etc. by clicking here Basic life and Predictions for your Entire Family The family members, inter-linked by God’s wish, have interlinked destiny. Sometimes a man gets a promotion in spite of the adverse planetary

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  • Muhurtam for auspicious occation

    In the traditional Hindu families the following important ceremonies are common and people seek the help of an astrologer to fix an appropriate muhurta. Karna Vedha = Piercing ears for wearing ear rings, Kesa Khandanam = First Cutting of hair, Annaprasanam= First feeding ceremony, Jataka Karma and Nama karanam  = After

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