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Panchadhatu Sriyantra Mahameru

INR 14,256.00

INR 14,256.00




Worshiping a Sriyantra Mahameru made of the coveted traditional pancha dhatus (5 metals) is considered the most auspicious one for prosperity, peace of mind,vastu dosha removal, protection from evil spirits, and spiritual progress. The pancha dhatus are pure 24 Carat Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc and Nickel. The above Sriyantra Mahameru is a rare tested and guaranteed pancha dhatu make. We cut one piece and had it tested in a laboratory to make sure.

It is also one of the few Merus made with the prescribed geometric perfection – both inside and outside.

On the surface it is lacquer polished so that when you worship it with Kumkum or Panchamrut there will be no colour loss.  It comes with a beautiful wooden stand and there is a printed Srichakra on the wooden base on which the Mahameru is placed. See pictures. It is packed in a tough thick card board box to prevent damage while shipping.

Base area – 128mm x 128mm
Total height – 85.50mm appx.
Weight- Approximately 500 grams. Packed volume weight 2.5 kg.
Height with base- 105.50mm.

You can order it online and our price for this item is the lowest on the web. It will be sent after doing prana pratistha pooja (sanctified) in your name. It comes with a guarantee certificate. Courier charges will be added.

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Weight 2.5 kg


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