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Muhurtam for auspicious occation

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INR 1,320.00



In the traditional Hindu families the following important ceremonies are common and people seek the help of an astrologer to fix an appropriate muhurta.

Karna Vedha = Piercing ears for wearing ear rings, Kesa Khandanam = First Cutting of hair, Annaprasanam= First feeding ceremony, Jataka Karma and Nama karanam  = After birth making Horoscope and Naming ceremony, Dolarohanam = Celebration for keeping baby in cradle Aksarabhyasam = Start of teaching, Vidyarambham = First sending to School, Upanayanam = Sacred thread wearing ceremony, Vivaham = Marriage, Nishekha = Consumation of marriage,  Nava Vadhu Pravesam = Entry of Bride to Husbands house, Pumsavanam = After pregnancy for welfare of the child, Seemantham = For protection and welfare of the lady,  Vapi Kuupadikam = Digging wells / tanks, Hala Karma = Ploughing, Bija Vasanam = Seeding of crops, Vruksha Lata sthapanam = Planting Trees / Creepers, Shankhu sthapana or Bhoomi Poojan = laying the foundation stone, Devatha Pratishtha = Building temples or establishing Dieties,  and Griha pravesam = entering a new house.

Apart from the above people also seek auspicious muhurtas for any important events or undertakings like joining a new job, starting a new business, launching a new product, signing a contract, shifting to a new house, important journey etc.

You can order a muhurta for your purpose and will get it within 2 to 3 days. If urgent you can email or ring us.

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The following is what you should know and we need from you.

  1. The approximate month or the time frame you have in mind for the muhurta  – like between April and May or between 12th and 20th of July or any Saturday or Sunday in March etc.
  2. If there are any day/time restrictions mention it – like only on Saturdays and Sundays or only from morning 6 am to 9 am etc.
  3. The place where the event will take place. Give country, state and place.
  4. Give your Rasi (The sign in which your Moon is placed in your birth chart as per Indian astrology)
  5. Give your Nakshatra (The star constallation in which your Moon is placed in your birth chart as per Indian astrology)
  6. If you do not know the above 2 provide your Date time and place of birth. If accurate time not known at least give approximate time – like between 3 & 4 in the evening.
  7. Pandit S.P.Tata prefer to give forecasts by online voice chat or by telephone as 1 to 1 interaction is the best and will be more pointed plus you can ask whatever questions you want too. If this is not feasible to you it can be sent by email.

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