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Marriage prospects / Marriage forecast

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INR 1,320.00



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From the time we are 16 till we are 60+ the “Other half” plays a very important role in our lives. Your partner in body, mind and soul is exiting & exasperating, inspiring & depressing, encouraging & criticizing, giving & demanding, can take you to Himalayan heights of ecstasy & to Pacific depths of gloom, can be the strength behind your success & also the reason behind your disasters! A good life partner can make your life an abode of love and bliss and a bad one can turn it in to hell. Vedic astrology can provide the answers to you.

By analyzing your Birth chart and Navamsa chart and the strengths and weakness of your planets, we will predict the looks, nature, family, profession of your partner, how your married life will be, the favorable periods for marriage, along with precautions and remedial measures. Astrological marriage counseling is a good basic guide to know compatibility.

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