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Cesarean C-section operation Muhurta

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For delivering a child the cesarean operations, also called C-section, have become very common now. The doctors normally tell in advance the date of the operation and usually give you a 3 to 4 day choice for it. While the birth of a child is as per his fate and GOD’s wish, when the choice is there we as the elders can do our bit by selecting the best possible date and time for the operation Muhurta and offer a prayer to GOD.

Many people simply select a good Tithi or Nakshatra and think it is enough. Regrettably it is not.

An experienced astrologer chooses the best possible date and time for the operation by studying the planetary combinations, Lagna and Navamsa etc. combinations to ensure that the child’s health, wealth and happiness vis-à-vis marriage, profession, children etc. will be a good one. The dasa sequence in one’s life is also an important one.

This is precisely what our Muhurta service is. For the given time frame we will check the various best combinations available using the best software and our experience and will provide you with the best date and time option. We will give you the date and a 12 to 13 minutes time frame during which the doctor can perform the operation and can take out the baby. This way not only the Lagna but even the Navamsa selected will remain the same.

The Muhurta will be selected by Pandit S.P.Tata, the astrologer who made this website and has more than 30 years of experience and teaches astrology also.

The following is what you should know and we need from you.

  1. The month and date or the time frame given to you by the doctor – like between 12th and 16th etc.
  2. The place where the operation will take place.
  3. The sex of the baby in the womb if you know as this is not prohibited in other countries.
  4. Check with the doctor and hospital and advise if there are any time or day restrictions/limitations for performing the operation – like only between 9 am to 6pm no Sunday etc. Normally in India the doctors and hospitals understand about Muhurta and are ready to operate during late night or early morning hours. In other countries this may be a problem. Normally if you request they agree to an odd hour operation.
  5. A smart trick by a client of mine in USA worked like a charm. He said, “It is very important for us that our child is born at an auspicious time as we have faith and believe in astrology. I hope you will respect our faith and believes and co-operate with us. If not, regrettably, we will have to go to another hospital which respects our feelings”. The doctor agreed and performed the operation at 11.35 pm!!
  6. Normally you will get this report within 48 hours. If the date is too close and urgent you can email or ring us.
  7. Pandit S.P.Tata prefers to give forecasts by online voice chat or by telephone as 1 to 1 interaction is the best and will be more pointed plus you can ask whatever questions you want too. If this is not feasible to you it can be sent by email.

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