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5 Year Career forecast or job forecast and counseling (Copy)

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Career forecast or job forecast and counseling

Career forecast / Job forecast

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Your Career
Planets do influence our profession. You may be highly talented, but if you are in the wrong job that doesn’t suit your talents or temperament, you’ll feel restless and suffocated. Based on the planetary combinations it is possible to know what professions will suit you best and when. Vedic Astrology can guide you in this area.

The report will include general trend and scope, the good and the bad periods, promotions & increments, foreign travel opportunities, job change opportunities and your relationship with your bosses etc.
The predictions are given analyzing the dasa, antardasa and the main transits. It is not a month by month report.
This career counseling is only for the people who are in service, i.e., job or those about to start service. Those who are in Business should order business prospects.

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