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Veda recital in MP3

INR 3,300.00

INR 3,300.00




Veda recital in MP3

The Vedas are the greatest heritage of India. They are as old as the creation itself and were revealed to the great ancient Saints by the Supreme Being . They are a total guide to a totally perfect way of life by balancing the four aspects of life Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha (Right living, Right earning, Right desires & Liberation). They are beautifully composed rhythmic Sanskrit verses. They contain hymns to appease various deities and planets, mantras for performing various rituals and in the end part known as Aranyakas they contain the great philosophic doctrines known as Upanishads.

Even listening to the Vedas is described in the scriptures as one of the most auspicious and fortunate things a human being can do for attaining everything in life.

Those interested in obtaining these rare Veda recordings for personal purpose can make a nominal donation online and get them by courier. The MP3 files on this site are a lower quality 24 bit rate files but what you’ll get are of a much higher quality.

Please do not give copies to anyone as this money helps a Vedasala which did the stupendous task of recording the Vedas and it took 6 years to record because for each Veda recital the best expert pundits were called from various South Indian Vedic centers.

They will be sent by downloadable email link within 7 days of receiving order and courier charges will be added when you are placing order.

The contents are:

Complete RigVeda (Ashtaka sakha) 1 MP3 zip file

Complete SamaVeda (Kuthuma sakha)1 MP3 zip file

Complete ShuklaYajurVeda (Kanva sakha)1 MP3 zip file

Complete KrishnaYajurVeda (Taittiriiya samhita)1 MP3zip file

Complete AtharvaVeda (Saunaka sakha) 1MP3 zip file

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Order All four Vedas set of 5 MP3s. Delivery by downloadable email link.

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Even in today’s world India is fortunate to have gurus who teach the Vedas and the Vedic rituals as they were practiced thousands of years ago. Pandit G.K.Sitaramamn, who undertook the digitalisation of the Vedas  is one such man. He hails from a traditional Tamil agnihotra Brahmin family of the legendary town of Tanjavoor and studied the Vedas and rituals for 14 years at the famous Kanchi Kamakothi Peetham. He is also an M.A, M.Phil. in Sanskrit, a Sri Vidya Upasaka and an excellent artist. Pandit Seetharaman runs a Veda shala in near Tanjavur and teaches Vedas and rituals to aspiring students. There are 3 level Vedic courses. A short 3 year course, the full 8 year course and the advanced 14 year course. At present 27 students are studying in his Vedashala. It is a very strict learning course. Day starts with getting up at Brahma Muhurta (4.30 AM) and performing SandhyaVandanam and ends with Vishnu Sahasranama recital at night before dinner. In between they also play Kabaddi , carrom and Cricket. The students stay at the Vedasala and till education is complete they cant go home!!

Needless to say that lodging, food and teaching are free.

In recognition of his selfless work to promote Vedic knowledge. His Holiness Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham honored him with the title of “Veda Prasara Ratna” and a golden bracelet. Click to see picture


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