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Vastu Consultancy – Vastu Guidance for 3 Questions

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INR 2,750.00




Vastu expert Pandit C.S.Rao

The sweet home is our dreams is where we we expect to enjoy the fruits of our labor and live peacefully with happiness and enjoy progress & prosperity, health & wealth and faith & spiritual development.

Vastu Sastra is the ancient Indian treatise which laid down the principles of house construction – Architecture – to ensure the above. With superb practical sense and Divine wisdom, the ancient seers laid down the principles for constructing an ideal house. The principles take in to account the North-South flow of magnetic forces & the East-West earth motion and Solar energy forces to ensure that the house gets good light and wind and cosmic energy.

Pandit C.S.Rao, our Vastu Expert, is an Engineer by profession who worked till his retirement in the Ministry of Health & Family welfare, Delhi till his retirement and is now a fulltime Vastu forecast and Astrology forecast consultant.

You can seek his guidance for your Vastu related problems and solutions.

Ask a three questions: Ask 3 specific questions and get guidance to your problems. You can also send a sketch of your place in question.


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