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Udaka Shanti Pooja Pooja with 8 pundits

INR 15,840.00

INR 15,840.00




The Udaka Shanti Pooja is the ideal one to seek any auspicious results – whether it is the well being of a child in the womb or better relations and shanti at home, or mother-in-law problem, or success in an interview or boss trouble at the office or mental tension etc etc.

After performing Ganesha Pooja, a Kalasha filled with Ganges water is kept and Varuna and other Devatas are invited in to the kalasha. After that all the auspicious Mantras from the Yajurveda are recited in this Pooja. This will involve the recital of total 131 Panjadi (1 Panjadi = 11Vakya) i.e. total 1441 lines and will take more than 3 hours.

It will be performed in your name with your specific sankalpa (wish).

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For any special requirements mail to: sptata@astrojyoti.com and mark the mail “pooja advise”. Or you can ring Mobile: 91-8978953237 and contact: Pandit S.P.Tata.


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