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Regular Black Saligrama

INR 1,320.00

INR 1,320.00




Regular Black Saligrama

Regular Black Saligrama

It will be shipped with in a week after doing Pooja in your name. Delivery will be by courier and courier charges will be added when you order.

The regularly available normal Saligrama looks like a black stone with some marks on it and is kept in pooja. In some cases it can be an open one showing chakras. This being a natural product the size, shape and colour varies from Saligram to saligram.

All products supplied by us come with an authentication certificate with picture signed by Pandit S.P.Tata. See certificate example and conditions


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Regular Silas (Vishnu) Golden Sila Sudarshana Shaligrama Lakshmi Narayana Shila
Ganesha Shila Lakshmi Shila Shivalinga Shila Devi Shila
Varaha Shila Kurma Shila Hayagreeva Shila Matsya Shila
Manasa Sarovar Shila Rare Janardhana Shila Rare special Shilas Saligrama Jewelry

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