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Parada Shiva Linga

INR 1,980.00

INR 1,980.00




Parada Shiva Linga

Made from genuine & guaranteed Parad (Mercury) as per the traditional rasayana method.

Shivalinga & Yoni Size – Height – 1/1/2″ x Length – 2″

Lord Shiva, who is the easiest to please, has always been accorded the highest place of reverence in the Hindu religion. For ages He is been worshiped in the form of a deity image or a Linga. It is hard to find a town or village in India where His Shivalinga is not worshipped. The love & devotion for Lord Shiva is so all pervading that apart from the Gods and humans even the demons worship Him with total devotion. The famous Demon king Ravana of Ramayana fame was known to be a such a great devotee of Lord Shiva that when Lord Rama wanted to worship Lord Shiva He requested Ravana to perform the Shiva pooja!!. He blesses anyone who worshipps Him – be it a saint or a sinner.

The Legend of Parad (Mercury) Shiva Linga

The Gods, who frequently took a beating in the hands of the Rakshasas (demons), went to Lord Brahma for a lasting solution. Lord Brahma told them that only a warrior born out of Shaktipunj (semen of Lord Shiva) can lead the Gods to victory. The Gods prayed Lord Shiva who agreed and approached Goddess Parvati to conceive a son. The Gods sent Agni, the God of fire, in the form of a pigeon to observe the great event. Lord Shiva found this out and released His semen in the fire of Agni. Even the God of fire couldn’t bear the heat of Lord Shiva’s reproductive force and dropped it it in the holy waters of river Ganges. Mother Ganges also couldn’t stand the heat and released it on Earth. After being sanctified by the holy fire and sacred waters of Ganges it became Mercury or Para – the only metal in liquid form. The solid form of mercury is popularly known as Parad.

Solidifying mercury is an ancient Vedic science. ‘Dharnidhar Samhita’ has given sixteen steps through which the liquid mercury has to pass to make it pure & beneficial. Then mercury can be molded into any solid form.A number of vedic references point out to the holistic benefits of Parad Shivalinga. ‘Shivnirnaya ratnakara’ states that there’s no better Shiva-linga ever made than the one made out of mercury. In ‘Sarvadarshana Sangraha’, Lord Shiva says to Goddess Parvati that anyone who worships the Linga made out of solid mercury will face no death, disease or dearth. Its mentioned in ‘Rudrasamhita’ that Parad Shivalinga embodies the power of Lord Shiva & one can attain anything desired through its worship. ‘Rasarnaavtantra’ states that one can receive a billion-times more good blessings through the worship of a Parad Shivalinga than that one can receive through worship of a billion ordinary stone Shivalingas. ‘Rasratnakar’ says worship of a Parad Shivalinga showers one oneself a happy long-life, wealth, health, power, beauty & youth. ‘Rasratnakara’ also mentions that whatever a devotee spends on acquiring a Parad Shivalinga, Lord Shiva blesses him a lot more in terms of wealth, grain & peace. ‘Shivnirnaya ratnakara’ says that a gold Shivalinga is billion times more powerful than a ordinary stone one, a gem Shivalinga is billion times more potent than a gold one, but a Parad Shivalinga is billion times more effective than a gem one & can bestow immense benefits to its worshipper even through a simple darshan (sight).

Maharishi Vashist suggests a Parad Shivalinga for attainment of peace & harmony to anyone who’s sinned in his entire life. Maharishi Yadnyavalkaya says that one can’t understand why man is full of sorrow, violence & poverty, when one can achieve peace & harmony though the worship of Parad Shivalinga.
Excerpts from Sacred Books: by George Pillai

• It is a symbol of good luck and just looking at it destroys all the sins of past lives and makes the person fortunate.

• The foremost and most revered of all Yogis, Poojya Gurudev Swami Sachidanand said that a Sadhak who places a Parad Shivaling in his home and worships it or just has its glimpse daily becomes free of all sins and gains divine powers along with wealth, prosperity and all comforts.

• The text Ras Maartand says about this Shivaling –
Ling Koti Sahastrasya Yatfalam Samyagarchanaat, Tatfal Kotigunnit Raslingaarchanaad Bhavet, Brahma-hatyaa Sahastraanni Gohatyaa Shataani Cha !
Tatshannaadwilayam Yaanti Raslingasya Darshanaat, Sparshnaapraapyate Muktiriti Satyam Shivoditam !!
Translation: A million times more fruitful is worshipping a Parad Shivaling than worshipping a thousand Shivalings. Just looking at a Parad Shivaling neutralises the effect of sin of killing a thousand Brahmins and cows.

• Touching a Parad Shivaling without doubt makes one free of all problems and quickens one’s spiritual progress. These are the words of
none other than Lord Shiva.

• The text Rasaarnnav Tantra states-
Dharmaarthkaam-mokshaakhyaa Purushaarthashchaturvidhaa !
Sidhyanti Naatra Sandeh Rasraaj Prasaadatah !!
Translation: A person who worships a Parad Shivaling just once in his life surely gains Dharma (righteousness), Arth (wealth), Kaam (pleasures) and Moksh (spiritual progress).

• The text Brahmaveivart Puraann clearly states –
Pachyate Kaalsootrann Yaavachandradivaakari. Kritvaaling Sakrit Poojya Vasetkalpashatam Divi !
Prajaavaan Bhoomivaan Vidwaan Putra-baandhavvaanastathaa. Gyaanvaan Muktivaan Saadhuras Lingaarchanaad Bhavet !!
Translation: One enjoys all comforts in life and attains wealth, fame, position, respect, sons, grandsons, high education and prosperity if one worships a Parad Shivaling just once in one’s life time. And such a person surely reaches a high position in life.

• The text Vaayveeya Samhita states –
Aayuraarogyameishvarya Yachchaanyadapi Vaanchhitam !
Raslingaarchanaadishtam Sarvatam Labhate Narah !!
Translation: Longevity, good health, prosperity and all desired achievements can be had through the worship of Parad Shivaling.

• Parad shivaling is an icon of Lord Shiva but texts like Lakshmi Upanishad and others have accepted Parad Shivaling as a symbol of Lakshmi as well. Lord Vishnu has himself said that the house in which a Parad Shivaling is placed is surely graced by Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. There can never by any paucity in that.

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