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Atma Shanti (Shraadh) for your departed near & dear ones

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INR 4,620.00




Remembering our departed near and dear ones on their death anniversary and performing the Shraadh ceremony and Anna Daan to Brahmins and the poor is an age old custom of India.

Whether it is our parents or brothers or sisters or children, once in an year on the day of their departure they re-visit us. It is believed that if we also remember them and perform a pooja for their soul and give charity in their name, they bless us and depart happily. It is believed that this ceremony helps the departed soul’s progress in the journey in the other world. If they are not remembered on this day it is said that they remain unhappy and hungry for one year.

Unfortunately this important after death ceremony is one of the most neglected Hindu rituals in the present day society.

During the 1st year of ones death it customary to perform the Shraadh every month. After that it is performed once every year.

2 pundits will perform this ceremony. One of them is worshiped as the departed soul as per the prescribed rituals by washing feet applying Chandan, giving clothes and food, etc. and his blessings are sought. After that it is customary to do poor feeding.

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