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Your Biorhythms

Our physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive levels do not remain constant. They vary, even from week to week. This is because of the effects of the constant biological fluctuations in our body because of the motion of the planets. The bio rhythm chart is a unique way of measuring these changes. Scientific research shows that our physical, intellectual and emotional levels undergo a cyclic pattern of ups and downs. The cycle is of 23 days for physical, 33 days for intellectual and 28 days for emotional cycle. This is known as Bio Rhythm Cycle.

You can check the rise and fall of the three cycles in a chart form here. The chart shows 4 lines of different colours. The green line is for physical, red is for emotional and blue is for intellectual cycle. The graph is for one month but you can select the time period. You can check the high and low dates from the curves with the dates given on the chart. The dates on which the curve crosses the central horizontal line are known as the critical days. You can read more about the different cycles and about the critical dates by clicking on the link given at the bottom of the page. Select your birth date and time in the columns provided at the bottom of the page and calculate your Biorhythm chart.

Research history & how to read & use the biorhythm > https://www.astrojyoti.com/biorhythemdetails.htm

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Base date/time: 2016/10/23 21:00 
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