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Simha Lagna – Leo Ascendant

First House

Sun. Irritable, rash temperament, liberal and generous. Wealthy, a native of authority, power and rank. Strong Willed and respected. Very cautious for his respect. Ambitious but he has to adjust with his wife. Gain through hard work, long fortunate life and victory over enemies.

Moon. A good conversationalist. Many journeys to mountaineous and jungle regions. Attracted towards vice habits in youth. A good orator, delicate health, helpful to others but he may get bad name for helping others and religious. Secret sorrows, occult sciences or new thought studies, danger of punishment by law.

Mars. Rash Temperament, quarrelsome and irritant. Health will be average and may be subjected to any bloody disease. Boils can also appears on body and face. Gain of ancestral property. Happy in early age but last part of life will be poor, worried and diseased, Comforts from wife and children. A man of strong Will and will admire good persons. Gain through property, land and long journeys. Fortunate with strangers foreigners, inlaws and voyages.

Mercury. Born in a good, wealthy and respected family but will be devoid of their comforts. Worried in middle age. Liar and may have even a thievish nature. The native will remain worried on account of overwork. Less progeny. Relations with other women, enmity with friends and relations. Less comforts in life. Money comes readily. Real friends and supporters. Victory over enemies, successful hopes and fortunate actions.

Jupiter. A judicious, religious and pious native. Respected, wealthy, and a man of authority and powers. Blessed with property, respect from rulers, generous and charitable. He may grab the property of his enemies. Many love affairs.

Venus. Wealthy, learned and intelligent. Long life, popular in friends, relation with other women, command over foreign languages licentious and adulterous. Loss of health and wealth in pleasureable pursuits and brethren. Old age will be troublesome and worried. Gain from neighbours and writings. Honour through matters of merits and Govt.

Saturn. Saturn is in enemy’s camp, dark complexion, adulterous, sad face, bad thoughts hatred and flatterer, Journeys, no progney, diseased, unhappy old age, bad company, quarrelsome, envious, disturbed family life, unhappy life but a good writer. Public opponents and troubles through servants.

Rahu or Ketu. A liar, licentious, ill famed and revengeful. Disputes and bickerings with people. No happiness in life. Short life. Unsuccessful in hopes and failure in business inspite of efforts. Disrupte in middle age.

Second House

Sun. A good orator and have strong and forceful power of arguments. Loss of ancestral property. A commanding voice, victory over enemies, as the age passes eyesight will be afflicted. Happy and wealthy in old age. May be owner of agriculture land. A self made man. Good health. A long fortunate life. Harmony and triumph over difficulties.

Moon. A big family but will remain outside the family. Less gain from ancestral property. Of sweet and soft speech. Skilled in many arts. May create property by his own labour. Secret sorrows. All difficulties can be lightened by occult or new thought studies and science.

Mars. Of rash temperament, poor and worried. Disfavour from Govt. In middle age. Gain of ancestral property. Loss in business and troubles in service. Grief from children. Gain through land, property etc. Money also can be gained from foreign merchants, science, learning and publication
including travel.

Mercury. Learned, intelligent and of sweet speech. Afflicted eyesight in middle of life. A wealthy and comfortable native. Brothers and sister will enjoy a comfortable life. Respect and gain of wealth. Gain through friends, legislative and self efforts.

Jupiter. Birth in a respected and good family-
promotions, comforts and gain upto middle age. A man of words. Clever and intelligent. Gain through deceased. Respected, owner of land, lucky upto middle age, after than there will be downfall for some period. A happy old age. Gain through investment, and children.

Venus. Intelligent, religious and kind hearted, but no gain, will have impressive speech. Devoid of money and will lead a miserable life. Gain in money by industry, trade and Govt.; Money through educational affairs, short journeys, writings, music etc.

Saturn. Liar, dangerous, loss of money in litigations, adulterous, believer of many religions, poor, without any permanent residence, loss in business and loss through theft and amusements. Last part of life is unhappy. When well aspected money through service, employees and small animals. Gain by marriage.

Rahu or Ketu. Poor or troublesome. Disfavour and troubles. Disrespected and ill famed. Loss of ancestral property. Under debt. Will have some secret disease. Disputes and enmity with people.

Third House

Sun. Sun is debilitated sign. A worried and grateful life. Less comforts from brothers and a few sister. Unsuccessful hopes Downfall and loss. Many enemies. Ear troubles. Short journeys, opportunity delayed.
Moon. Comforts in foreign land. Under debt, disease of syphilis may attack him. Dependent on relations and brothers, sorrows and troubles through kins and friends, occult learning. If aspected by Jupiter good results than above and gain from occult sciences.

Mars. Devoid from brothers and sisters, if they are, then worries and troubles on their account. Brave and unfearful native. Will earn through hard efforts. Diseases of chest, headache and lungs. Half life will be full of worries and troubles. Progress through research, travel and writings.

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