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Mithuna Lagna – Gemini Ascendant

First House

Sun. Lord or 3rd house is posited in Lagna indicates rash temperament, comforts from brothers, gain or wealth through others. Wealthy and learned. Intelligent and blessed with medium life span. Interested in Astrology and Mathematics.

Moon. Selfish, intelligent, medium age, interested in business, wealthy and generous. Become rash on trifles, influenced by women. Youth may become troublesome. If Moon is weak and afflicted, cough and lung disease is indicated. Money comes readily.

Mars. Short life. Many real friends. Two wives (subject to other indications). Brave, clever and a knowledge of law. Strained relations with friends and relatives. Gain from land and watery profession. Wealthy. Less comforts from children. Victory over enemies. Fortunate actions and successful hopes.

Mercury. Comforts from father, intelligent and strong Will power. He will be learned, skilled, a good mathematician and interested in Astrology. Sweet speech and of good conduct. A comfortable life and wealthy. Remains away from family. Fortunate inheritance. Gain through land, property and parents.

Jupiter. Intelligent and learned. Social, good thoughts and actions. Gain and comforts from children and wife. Generous and man of justice. A man of authority, wealthy and happy. First half part of life very happy and latter half average. Love of women and benefit through them. Honour through merits, success through hard work.

Venus. Wealthy, sweet tempered and beautiful. Gain of wealth through women. Intelligent and hardworker. Conscious about his respect. Fond of music and relation with high ups. Promotion in life. Well respected and famous. Will lead a kingly life. Good deeds. Many Love affairs. Secret sorrows, many troubles and limitations. Wife is loving and affectionate, intelligent and educated. Such a native seduces other women and girls for the sake of fun and pleasures of sex. Sometimes wife is barren with inauspicious bearings but attractive for men.

Saturn. Good early life, immoral, diseased, early death of wife of separation (subject to other checks), miserable life in youth. Strained relations with brothers. Cordial relations with others. Selfish, boastful, disrespect in old age, insincere, ingenious, taste for Chemical and Mechanical sciences and affliction by skin diseases. Legacies and money through deceased. Accumulation of wealth. Long journeys, fortunate with foreigners and strangers.

Rahu or Ketu. Wheatish colour, diseased and off middle stature. Medium life span. Quarrelsome, harsh in speech and downfall of father just after his birth. The wife will not be so young. Not well educated and intelligent.

Second House

Sun. Sun in Cancer makes a native of rash temperament, spend-thrift not so wealthy, one will have no gain from ancestral property. The brothers and sisters of the native will also lead an average life. Right eye will be afflicted. Money through educational affairs, writings, music etc.

Moon. Will earn through different sources and hard labour. Gain from trade and Agricultural land, from parents and relatives. He will be respected, promoted and lead a comfortable life in youth. Favour from maternal relations. Fond of dress and good diet. Sweet speech and kind hearted. Will face some difficulties in old age.

Mars. A troubled life. Not favourable for brothers and sisters. Poor, unhappy and destroyer of property. Danger to respect. Danger of punishment without any fault. Benefits through industrious activity.

Mercury. Secretive, revengeful, average wealth, no permanent profession. Inclined toward business. Gain from parental property. After 35th years of life gain of wealth through a woman. Gain through land, property and estate.

Jupiter. A true and sincere friend, learned and knowledge of law. Scholar of Astrology. A man of authority and rank. Early life is troublesome and full of miseries. Old age will be comfortable, one will gain wealth and respect. Gain, through marriage, trade, profession, industry and Govt. office.

Venus. Comforts from property and conveyance, many children, sudden gain of wealth. Respect and favour from Govt. and officers. Gain of ancestral property. Gain through secrecy and occult investment and children. Emotional and lot of involvement with women other than his wife. Sometime two marriages are indicated in some cases.

Saturn. Unfaithful, unscrupulous, pleasure seeking and adulterous, a few children cunning, rich, disrespected, deceitful and malacious and devoid of motherly care. Unfaithful and of wicked nature. Gain by realising debts and money of others.

Rahu of Ketu. Afflicted health, adulterous, jack of all but master of none. Seeks help from others. Learned and interested in Tantric science. Loss of wealth and property due to bad company. A good business man but loss of wealth.

Third House

Sun. Many brothers and sisters, a good rank in life, a brave and commanding. Continuous journeys in life.

Moon. Kind hearted, coward and fearful. He will not have a command over any family member. Comforts from brothers and sisters. Respect of women in the family is to be safeguarded. Gain through education, writing and short journeys.

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