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Mithuna Lagna – Gemini Ascendant

Eighth House

Sun. Sun in Capricorn is in enemy’s camp. It will give troubles and turmoils in the life. Under ancestral debt. Devoid from parent’s comforts from childhood. Danger of poison or death from enemies and also from reptiles. Short life. Disease and troubles. Disfavour and punishment from the ruler.

Moon. Gain in foreign land. Early part of life is full of difficulties. Poor and under debt. Medium age, untimely death and a troubled life. May be a cause of loss of maternal relations. Disease of bronchitis. Gain by legacy and goods of the dead.

Mars. Loss due to disputes with brothers and enemies. Troubles in early life. Loss through fire. Diseased and troubled. In middle part of life, one will be blessed with comforts and wealth. Occult experience. Financial reward for faithful service.

Mercury. Intelligent and learned but no gain from education. Diseased and troubled and may be subject to some fatal disease. Danger from learned persons and disputes with friends. After youth there will be troubles. Some accident in middle age. Maternal relations will be happy and wealthy in the early life. Gain by legacy or estate.

Jupiter. Devoid of any gain inspite of the fact one in learned and intelligent. Gain from ancestral property. Journey to foreign country. Grief from progney in youth. Not good behaviour with elders. Gain from wife. Gain through law suits and handing other’s money.

Venus. In friendly sign, mostly benefic results are indicated but being in 8th house some evil effects are also to be experienced. There is lack of marital happiness. Enjoys and gets pleasures from women other than this wife and he gains money from them.

Saturn. Displeasure from Govt. or superior, diseased, left leg weak, loss through enemies. Intelligent and peevish. Gain by long journeys.
Rahu or Ketu. Troubled and turmoiled life, danger of death through poison from opponents and enemies. Diseased, loss of wealth. Early life troublesome.

Ninth House

Sun. Authority, respect and regards from Govt.: and superiors. Gain of wealth and comforts of life. Grief due to death of parents in early age. Long journeys. Gain through publishing and science.

Moon. Loss of money and property and may lead to extinction of family. Saturn in this house will give always a worried mind and troubled life. Gain by books, trading at sea and long journeys.

Mars. Unreligious, miser and unscrupulous. Enmity with officers and subordinates. Opponent to relations and friends. Father will be diseased and troubled and enmity with brothers Sickness abroad. Danger through over study. Relations with high ups.

Mercury. Lucky, learned, intelligent and birth in a wealthy family and relations with more women. Parents will be famous and intelligent. Less comforts from mother. Long journeys, religious, Psychic, inventions and law.

Jupiter. A man of authority and rank. Religious and learned. Inclination towards religion and may be charitable and founder of religious institutions. Progeny from second wife. Generous and good famed person. Famous due to religious activities and good orator. Honourable voyages, gain from writing, learning and publishing.

Venus. Comforts from wife, wealthy, famous and man of powers. Marriage in a wealthy family and gain therefrom. Gain of wealth and respect from Govt.; and officers. Gain from friends, public enterprises. Fond of pleasures, and social life and of opposite sex. Sincere and faithful in love. Sudden and unexpected experiences in love. Dagmatic in views. Popular, independent and fond of freedom and attached to other man’s life.

Saturn. If Saturn is well aspected by Jupiter, then founder of religious institutions, good deeds, diplomatic, intellectual and learned. If badly aspected then immoral, destroyer of parental property, licentious, adulterous, litigations and loss through thieves. Death in a distant land.

Rahu or Ketu. Troubles and difficulties in life. Waste of ancestral property and may bring ill fame to the family. Many enemies and opponents, gain from parents at later age. Loss through journey. Unreligious and immoral deeds.

Tenth House

Sun. Grief from death of father in early life. Destroyer of ancestral property. Loss of wealth. Respect and comforts in young age. Average life. Gain through journeys and writings.

Moon. Owner of agricultural land and a agriculturist. Birth in a good family, Wealthy, gain from mother’s property. But in spite of all less comforts in life are indicated. Loss through grieves. A changeable life. Waster of ancestral property. Grief from mother in youth. Gain by occupation, merchandising, Govt.; and in-laws.

Mars. Sickness, Licentious, unreligious and a changeable life Being a man of authority he will not lead a comfortable life. Sorrows and dishonour. Friendship with persons in good position. Gain from Govt.; and officers.

Mercury. Religious, generous and God fearing. First half will be quite comfortable and in last part of life, waste of property is indicated. Devoid from comforts in spite of having rank and respect. May change his religion. Merit, honour professional success to a high position. Gain from trade, public or Govt.; work or by fruits of earth.

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