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Makara Lagna – Capricorn Ascendant

Venus. Much pleasure, love affairs and adventures, speculation and investment. Prosperous children and pleasure through them. Children will rise to rank and honour, gain and honour through speculations, pleasure, sports or stage.

Saturn. Delight in pleasure, amusements, sports, speculation and children with tendency to success through these. Gain by speculations, investment, pleasure entertainment, young people and children. if afflicted, no comforts from children loss and grief through women, early life good, middle average, third part of life unhappy and full of troubles. Disturbed life due to wife and children.

Rahu. Fortunate for children and blessed with long life. Wards off many troubles, calamities and dangers. The native gains some public appointment or office and is fond of recreations and sports. Wealthy and respected.

Ketu. Many enemies and opponents, may deny children or gives abortion, the children will be disobedient and will face adversity. Excessive or irregular pleasures produce much harm. Limited education, gain of wealth through unfair means, the native may be quarrelsome.

Sixth House

Sun. Dangerous sickness, death, of pets and servants. Loss of money earned by employment and through those in whose custody it may be. Troubled and worried life, worried and under debt. A diseased native. The parents of the native will face sickness. Loss in profession.

Moon. Marriage below status, sickly and evily disposed wife. Many enemies and opponents. Loss through thieves, partnership and contracts. Loss and disrespected due to opposite sex in middle of life.

Mars. Troubles through enemies, danger of wound, loss of profession through sickness, and servants. May build his own house. Friends among working people, army, Air or Navy. Faithful servants. Interest in social welfare. Loss of agriculture land. May be there is some effect in arms or feet. Many troubles and turmoils. Danger of being bitten through reptiles. A surgical operation.

Mercury. A weak and diseased constitution. Troubles through law suits. Danger to respect. Sickness through travelling, study of science, medicine, healing etc. Difficulty in work in foreign land or in export business. Some severe illness. When aspected by Jupiter then gain through service, employment, poultry, medicine and social service. The native will be popular and will be respected by others.

Jupiter. Sickness or injury through journeys, difficulty through brothers, interest in study or social economy. Difficulty and troubles in profession and through employees. Limitations on account of sickness. Troubles and worries due to law suits. Danger to respect may be entangled in some criminal suits and under debt.

Venus. Modest worldly position, gain and honour through service, employment, the practice of healing, army or navy affairs. Sickness among children, money through careful speculation or by income of children. Many enemies and opponents, pain in chest and a scar mark on the body. Danger from water. Vice habits. Old age will be pleasurable.

Saturn. Victory over numerous enemies, thievish and a liar, adulterous,
mischievous, owns a factory and may be a shareholder in many factories. A good healer, gain through humanitarianism, food, clothing and employees. Gain through inferiors.

Rahu. Good health and strong body, faithful and honest employees, gain through service, fortunate through service, and father’s relations and by small animals.

Ketu. Various afflictions to health and sickly. Crossed and deceived by servants. Gain through unfair means. Loss through small animals. Danger through bite of insects, reptiles or animals. Danger to respect or punishment in middle age.

Seventh House

Sun. A rich partner or one to whom money comes unexpectedly. If afflicted death of parents and wife. Public enemies, danger of death by violence, suicide, accident or war. Less comforts from relatives and friends. Licentious, obstinate and of rash temperament. Danger to respect in middle age. Loss in profession.

Moon. Success in law suits, marriage in good family, a good partner but likely to become cold or proves untrue or hostile. If Moon is weak or afflicted then reverse results. Also one makes many journeys, windy or cold diseases.

Mars. Gain through marriage, land and women generally. A loving partner with desirable friendships and social connections. Success in law suits. If afflicted then wife will be adulterous, unfaithful and make divorce or separation will take place. Loss in partnerships, law suits and loss through marriage. Diseases of blood are indicated.

Mercury. Quarrelsome, law suits with servants. Difficulties with disreputed women. Sickness and troubles with employees. Public enemies through religious, or scientific persons. Marriage to a stranger whose relatives may oppose. If afflicted or combust reverse results.

Jupiter. Jupiter is exalted in this house. Marriage as a result of journeys, writings or to one of relatives, troubles through deceit, contracts and law suits. But the native will be educated, learned and respected. The wife will be faithful, learned and helpful. Comforts from brothers. Rank and authority through Govt; If afflicted reverse results are indicated.

Venus. Pleasure, close association or understanding with partner but discord with children. Loss through theft. Gain through law suits and dealing with public. Honour and reputation through marriage and partnership in a responsible concern. Knowledge of law and gain through that.

Saturn. Partnerships and close association with others, fond of opposite sex, gain by marriage, contract, business and dealing with others specially with women. If afflicted, loss in business and profession, will be sickly and of opposite temperament, adulterous, suspicious, loss of money through law suits, unions and open enemies. Marital unhappiness.

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